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Come down the mountain Katie Daly

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    Would love to get information about the background to the song Come down from the Mountain Katie Daly.

    Myles Dungan had a piece on RTE about it some time back which left me with more questions.

    The song was written about 1961 by one Eammon O'Shea. This was not the real name of the writer. His name apparently was Herman Weight. He may be of German origin. From what I have read about him he changed his name to make him sound more Irish. That in itself is quite vague. I happened upon and a Herman Weight passed away in 2018 and I was wondering was this the same person or perhaps his son? He has such an odd surname. I have never heard this even as a German surname.
    Does anyone have any information about him? How did he end up in Ireland if he was German? What is his story?

    In Dungan's piece he describes Katie Daly as the daughter of a bootlegger originally from Tipperary who ends up in jail in America. He seems to imply that she was the only female ever to be jailed in Alcatraz. But I read that there were never any female prisoners in Alcatraz.
    Does anyone have any information on any of the above.
    Thanks a lot.


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