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"Chem" sex, an emerging practice in Ireland?

  • 23-06-2021 9:19pm
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    Preface: I posted this and it just got disappeared from AH's, perhaps as mods felt it was more relevant to current affairs?
    I didn't get any status update on their rational but, it's certainly a relevant "current affair"...?


    Former UK government advisor on drug policy Prof David Nutt did an interesting podcast on the topic

    (he was ousted as government advisor due to his non-conformist views on drug policy BTW, which included use of ketamine, whose licensure has subsequently extended to treat both psychiatric and chronic pain nerve conditions - go figure).

    So I know of course "off licence" or essentially elicit drugs are naturally quite taboo, but putting aside the controversy, there's obviously some merit in at least discussing and understanding their mechanics and outcomes.

    The scientific element to this, is all in the podcast.

    But in terms of the social and day-to-day outcomes of the emergence of such a practice, well I think it might be interesting to get views and feedback from Ireland's online community?


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