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Pre-purchase survey - wall cracking

  • 08-06-2021 7:29pm
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    I am currently in the process of buying a house in Dublin - 1960s build - I got a type 2 residential survey done.
    One of the key takeaways from the report is:
    "On the rear elevation wall heavy cracking was noted below the left and right hand corners of the first-floor, left-hand side window opening. This cracking extends to the rear Living Room window below. There is also evidence of heavily repaired cracking below the left-hand corner of the rear Living Room window. The cracking in places appears to have opened up since repairs were carried out which is a significant finding. A Chartered Structural Engineer engaged by the Vendor will need to fully appraise the cracking, carrying out full opening-up works and recommend remedial works to repair the problem. We also advised that trial pits are dug to allow an inspection of the foundations. Simply covering the cracking is not acceptable. It is essential that a drainage inspection is carried out as soon as possible and prior to the exchange of contracts to rule out leaks from the underground piping as a potential cause of foundation movement or failure. Costs to properly repair the cracking and prevent future movement could be very substantial so very strongly advise that the recommended investigations are carried out prior to the exchange of contracts."

    I understand photos may help but I have deliberately not included any as I do not wish to identify the house and risk jeopardising the sale.

    Basically, I have no idea if this is as serious as he is making out or whether this is something that a lot of old houses would have. Not having any family who are in construction is really biting me on the @rse now.
    I have contacted a few structural engineers who all seem to not be taking new work at the moment.
    Obviously what is being described - excavations and such will not be permitted by the vendor. Can this be diagnosed without excavations?

    Where should I go from here?

    Many thanks for anyone who can give me some advice.


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    Really hard to say without seeing pictures, but it is well know that some surveyors can be over zealous with their surveys/reports to cover themselves (more than adequately).