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  • 02-06-2021 8:33pm
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    Have had two cows in the last month or so with abscesses on their knee joints. Was keeping an eye on them whether to treat them with an antibiotic or not. (probably should have) However Abcesses burst and seemed to draw out and swelling went down again.
    First cow seems to have another abscess formed again.
    Is it coincidence it happened to two cows or should i be treating something?
    Would it be a condition like some form of joint ill?
    Advice welcome.
    Will be getting on to vet in a.m


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    Did the vet get you sorted?
    I've only seen something like that once before, and it was on a calf which scored its knees going up a step into the calf lie-back area. Must have got the wound infected. Swollen up and then one burst just as we were putting it out into the grass. Burst the other one ourselves and covered with spray. No lasting effect.

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    I’d imagine it’s a coincidence and if it’s not causing any pain it’ll sort itself out. Most likely she got a knock. Disinfectant spray if it’s open

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    Vet reckons looks like it might be mycoplasma and will need to be blood tested to find out.
    Always something.