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Golf - things that you love



  • I've been using the driver I got when I bought a full set for €200. Finally upgraded after my coach recommended I did. €89 on a 2014 second hand Bio Cell+. I know it's not going to be as good as a newer driver but I didn't scope around much and knew this would be an improvement on what I had without breaking the bank. Really looking forward to using it. Love the excitement.

  • Memories of Seve Ballesteros.

  • Putting you in a position to spend time with people you never would have had the chance to otherwise

  • Playing with your son.

  • Playing with your son.

    Yeh I can say this too about playing with Dad.

    So lucky to be able to spend so many hours golfing with him.

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  • Ken on the course.


  • Nailing a 3 wood from about 220/230 out onto the green. I find the hardest shot in golf is hitting the 3 wood of the deck.. I did nail my rescue 200 yds out into a head wind last weekend at the Boards outing great feeling! of course I missed the birdie putt though :D

  • Tin Cup


  • Winning an Interclub Match.

  • Watching a downhill right to left putt track, track, track and then drop in to the hole after having to convince yourself to start it "that" far outside the hole.

    Pity the sound is not there at the moment. It'll come back!

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  • a long walk with a putter

    must be nice having a caddy

  • DuckSlice wrote: »
    Love this also, trying to shoot to your handicap on a new course is something i also reallyu enjoy.

    Beating your handicap on a course you never played before :D the day after you shoot +15 over your handicap on a new course :(

  • Seeing your good score on the computer just before you press accept.

  • Playing interclub matchplay. I love it but have played very little of it.

  • interclub matchplay is the best!!

    Its a weird one where you want to win, like trounce them because the pressure of a close match in the last few holes is ridiculous. Winning a close match is sweeter but the stress.... did I mention the stress?

  • A random warm evening or just winning things.

    Either or.