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Capacity versus Numerology? The death of live events.

  • 28-05-2021 5:50pm
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    Sigh. 200 outdoors for venues.

    Social distancing: Yup

    Achieved through....distancing?

    So, distancing is achieved how?

    Through space/ size of venue.

    So maybe capacity to social distance crowds? Rather than say 200 ( easily squeezed into a carpark), why not go by size and space, and ability to achieve social distancing?

    If it's a 'big' space only for 200 - then how do you decide what is big? Or little? By social distancing capacity based on Size.

    What is the difference between 2000 in 10,00 sq mtrs, and 200 in 1000 sq mtrs? Exactly the same social distancing effect is achieved.

    Lines can be formed in bigger venues, same as smaller one.

    Crowd surfing, or hugging, or humping, is possible with 200, just as it is with 2000. Probably more so. Security to prevent same, is doable at both.

    Sure - put a cap on TOTAL attendance numbers if it makes any difference re entrance or egress,

    But FFS Martin, used the bloody science you praised so highly.


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    All this is being discussed in various threads in the Coronavirus Forum

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