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GAMSAT March 2021 Results



  • Ok guys, I have some bad news. I rang UL admissions office just there and they said that all places have been filled at 58 and that they don’t intend on giving out anymore places. They said maybe 1 or 2 more might open up but that they don’t anticipate it. Pretty crap situation, but oh well.

  • I’m not surprised :( I read they give out more spaces based on historical acceptance rates so actually give out more places than are available.

  • Such a shame, anyway back to studying for September I guess

  • Hi Tacadh

    So I guess if what that person in UL says is true then it obviously demolishes/ridicules my analysis and call on what might play out. Even more, it makes me out to look a bit dumb.

    But if I may, let me stand back a bit here......this person is actually calling only 1 or 2 more places for UL even before the deadline of acceptance has happened ?

    If there was any credibility whatsoever in what this person is saying (not even 3 working days after release of offers) it would mean :

    1 There will be only 1 or 2 more persons turning down their UL offer before the acceptance deadline has even expired

    2 That there will be actually No 1st or 2nd round offers at UCD or RCSI (or even Cork). New round offers in Dublin can only happen when persons drop off altogether - any Dublin drop offs obviously then make their way down to new places at UL. Predicting this drop off in Dublin to be a max of 1 or 2 from 107 candidates is ridiculous.

    2 That persons (Im talking about the great many from the greater Dublin brigade) who may have already accepted UL offer as a cover whilst waiting in the hope of a Dublin/Cork offer wont then change their mind if these offers don`t materialise, or that they wont be able to put the funding together to go outside Dublin.

    I don´t think what this persons said has any credibility whatsoever. Sounds more like what they said was given a fob/lazy reply than a serious reply.

    I`m still hopeful the UL offers will kiss the 56´s. And you my friend my be the 1st beneficiary if I am not talking tosh.


  • I'm inclined to agree with you to be honest, my hope hasn't 100% vanished yet, but has grounded me back in my study! I pray that you are the Nostradamus of CAO offers haha.

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  • I rang UL as well and got the same answer. I was strongly advised to research and go with my Plan B, I think initially she thought I was on 57. When I said I was waiting on 58 she perked up a little but still said she believes I would have to be very lucky to receive an offer, but it may happen.

    Years previously I would have agreed with the above, typically points always fall on subsequent rounds, but the shock of the jump last week has taught me this year may just be different.

  • 58 !! ...but you would still have to be very lucky to receive an offer ? Ok that confirms it...... you`ve have been talking to some junior who doesn`t know what she`s talking about.

  • I really hope your right - trying to find a balance between remaining hopeful and starting to accept the rejection.

  • You do realise GAMSAT scores are valid for 2 years, with 2 exams per year. This would mean theyre is 4 possible sittings with a score that could be used now and this is just the irish cohort, not including the UK cohort. The uk are included in our percentile ranking.

    Perhaps its more likely you are suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

  • "You do realise GAMSAT scores are valid for 2 years, with 2 exams per year. This would mean theyre is 4 possible sittings with a score that could be used now and this is just the irish cohort, not including the UK cohort. The uk are included in our percentile ranking."

    It makes not the slightest bit of difference if the gamsat scores were valid for 100 years. There are only 242 gamsat places allocated over over those with qualifying points ranging from 55 to say mid 70`s. Working from a crowded median point of say 59 - all points either side of this will likely have less persons. I mentioned above its probably typically lays at no more 15 -20 person per point at the 55,56,57,58 level. You of course can have freak distributions possibly putting 40 persons on the same points - but the corollary of that is there then must then be points which have a freakishly low numbers of persons. There are after all only 242 places covered by probably 20+ different point scores. Anyhow enough of that....although its an interesting branch of maths.

    "Perhaps its more likely you are suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.".... no comment

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  • I really hope it works out for you guys and more places open up but despite what people think UL is quite a popular choice for people on higher gamsat points too! I think a lot of people see it as as last case resort but some of my classmates got in the 60s and 70s in the gamsat and UL was their first choice so it could be a case that its just been a popular year with higher points! Only adding this because I think a lot of people see UL as a less popular option for people when really the only reason the points are lower is because it has 100 places which is a good bit more than the other schools so obviously the points will be a bit lower !

  • Didn't the cao say that demand for healthcare courses, medicine in particular rose by 25% so you have to take into account the demand (the number of people who applied and the number who sat the gamsat). It could have easily been the case this year that one person got in on 58 hence the 58* and everyone else had higher points. Not trying to make people give up hope, just think that not as many people don't take up a medical school place as you might think unless they really have no way to fund it. At the end of the day a medical degree whether from Dublin or Limerick is valid and a lot of people I know in my year accepted Limerick even though it wasn't Dublin because they were really happy just to have gotten a place ! Best of luck though, hope a couple of places become available!

  • Anybody get an offer for limerick? Read some on reddit got offers for Cork

  • Not yet Tacadh, but hoping this means there may be some movement...

    Not getting any of my "work" done today..

  • Seen that and it's stated that the offer was awarded to a person on 60, down from the 61* round zero cut off. Delighted for this person whoever she is 🙂

  • Just got my offer from UL! They have definitely started calling people!

  • Amazing - congrats! Best of luck in UL🙌🏼

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  • Thanks folks! in the 600s, I've seen some people on Reddit on 500s who have gotten calls too. Such a sense of relief.

  • Hi, just wondering if you could talk about the interview process for Derry and what they would be looking for in an application? Thinking of applying and would love some insight. Thanks

  • Hey there! Of course I’d be happy to send on everything I did for it. I should still have my personal statement somewhere and all my interview notes. Send me a message if you’d like 🤗

  • I agree. UL has a pretty good course. I think the number of applications probably went way up this year - as they did in many countries. With UL being 58*, there could be a significant number of people still sitting on 58. With any luck a few places will open up, but I doubt there will be a mass exodus from UL to other universities.

  • Just throwing in my 2 cents. I got 60, accepted UL, got an offer from UCC today by email. So that will open up 1 UL spot…not sure how anyone in UL admissions could say that the fat lady has sung…

  • My random number for 58 is 85 so there must be still loads of people I’d say that are on 58 and no offer 😭 I have such bad luck. Congrats to anyone who did get an offer

  • Anyone heard of any second round offers for ucd or rcsi ?

  • I wouldn't lose hope yet. UL only rang to check if I was going to take it before they officially offered it to me via CAO. They said they're checking in advance so that they don't waste offers on people who will decline them. I have a feeling there will be many more, considering its only a couple of days after the acceptance deadline for round O. Good luck 🍀

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  • With any luck at all, all 58 will get an offer and it will break into the 57/56. Keep the faith, already down to mid 500.

    First round is 07sep2021, we are inbetween round zero and round one at the minute. There was talk of one person getting UCD and freeing up a place in UCC on reddit.