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GAMSAT March 2021 Results



  • Does anyone know when the second round offers are out? Doubt I will get in regardless, but would just like to know.

  • sitting on 58 myself :(

    7th september at 14:00

  • I think a lot of people have been very disappointed this morning so I feel for you!

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  • Just for anyone hoping for a second round offer, they just come out randomly, the 7th of Sep isn't actually the second round. I got an offer from the cao 6 days after the offers came out last year so it could be anytime after the deadline for accepting first round offers! Best of luck guys! Really sucks that the points jumped but theres still hope!

  • completely agree - it’s so disappointing and really disheartening but hopefully we might get offers on the next round. The constant waiting and wondering is the worst

  • The points are an absolute joke. So disheartening - so sorry to anyone who didn’t get an offer. I got offered cork and am pretty deflated was dying for UCD but one point short. Hoping for second round offer.

  • Just confirmed with UL that second round offers for GEM won't be made until Sept 7th, when Round 1 will be out for LCs

  • They told me that last year too, thats why i was so surprised to get a text 6 days later! Its likely you'll hear before then to be honest especially since ul start on the 30th of August! Most later offers were given out before the first round last year and there was a few throughout sep but its likely once the first round offers are accepted or rejected more will come out!

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  • Really hoping your right Beggerboy. I’m sitting on 58 and didn’t get a UL offer… devastated.

  • Thanks so much for this Beggerboy! I really hope you are right. The thought of sitting the GAMSAT again in a few weeks is actually soul destroying 😭

  • How do we find our random number on the CAO?

  • AoifeK1995, I rang and they won’t give that info. No idea or way to know if we are next in line, or 40 people ahead waiting to get an offer

  • It’s absolutely grim. Have you started studying again? I’ve been trying this morning and I feel like I’m physically unable for it.

  • I hope you’re right. I manifest that the points will fall at least by one! So many people were hard done by. Just crazy really😢 have to think also, what’s for you won’t pass you!

  • Ma003 from your experience, did the GAMSAT cutoffs drop for the second round offers the year you applied? Just trying to decipher the likelihood of them dropping below 58 for UL. Thoughts?

  • So it was 56* last year and I didn't get it first round but got it a few days later. From hearing from other people, all the 56's got offers in the end and some people on 55 got in. I didn't know anyone personally but my friend knew someone who got in on 55 so its definitely possible. Might just depend on how many people who were banking on Dublin this year and didn't get it decide to reapply next year. I was gonna do that last year but glad I just accepted now! Do you need it to drop much? It's so annoying the way you can just be lucky one year depending on the demand etc

  • I'm sitting on 57 and thought I would be okay but, after Thursday, I have never been so deflated 😕 I never even registered to resit the GAMSAT because I thought I would be fine but now I am thinking I'll be looking at a March resit 🙄 I pray I'm wrong.

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  • @NOG92 I’m in the exact same position as you and I feel so deflated too. Wishing I had registered for Sept sitting😭

  • Anybody like to put a guess on the number on the Candidates from Dublin who obtained 61,60,59,58 and similarly from Cork sitting on 60,59,58.

    Personally I would guess collectively that it´s got to be somewhere in the region of 70 candidates.

    That`s represents 70 on the current UL offerees whose very likely 1st preference was not to go to UL.


    The more difficult guesswork here I suppose is what percentage of those (70) are likely to turn down making the journey to Limerick for the next 4 years.

    I personally would put the range somewhere as high as 33% - 40%. In particular, I would suspect those from the Dublin area on 59,60,61 will have great difficulty making a decision to accept UL. For the reasons I mentioned earlier, (Additional Costs of moving study at UL, personal attitudes to the prestige of UCD/RCSI/TCD/UCC V UL and also very importantly attitudes to the unique style of PBL at UL against the more preferred traditional teaching style) I think this is a realistic range.

    Also lets not forget those successful Derry candidates also holding a UL offer.

    So if my assumptions and guesswork are anyway close the rotation of the current UL 90 offers might be as much as :

    From Dublin/Cork 70 * (33% - 40%) = 23 to 28 places.

    Derry (Who Knows) Say = 2

    So that`s 25 to 30 places that might rotate down.

    If it panned out anything like above then I`d be cautiously optimistic all the 57`s will be ok (if I`m 58 I wouldn`t be remotely worried).

    For those on 56 I guess you cant be too optimistic but with the scenario above I would still bet on some bleed down into the 56`s.

    Also worth considering some of the Dublin/Cork candidates on 56/57 will also turn down UL if offered - thus further increasing the chances of those on 56/57 that absolutely want UL.

  • Really hope this proves to be true. I definitely think there'll be a good few candidates who'll reject their offer for UL, it's just knowing how many. The waiting is the worst part 🙄 I've my family's heads done in listening to Mum has that many candles lit for me out kitchen resembles Knock shrine 🙈😂😂😂

  • I might add the following to my above analysis of how things might pan out for those on 57 and 56 waiting for UL.

    I think my call of perhaps 25 to 30 places being freed up at UL needs another revision - upwards. That’s because you also need to take account of the following:

    The current places and offers out there are :

    UCD 77 RCSI 30 UCC 40

    It is highly likely there will also be a small number of those that will not take up their offer from these colleges because they may decide (a) not to proceed with going into med after all (b) defer going into med until next year (c) not have funding in place or in time.

    Lets say these numbers are UCD-5 RCSI-2 UCC 2 or 3.

    Thats a total of another 9-10 places that feeds down to the bottom chain (UL).

    When you add this 9 or 10 to my earlier calc of 25-30 you can see there could easily be a change to places of well in excess of 30+ for the candidates awaiting UL . If these assumptions are anyway accurate then there could definitely be a big handful of 56’s being called up too.

    Also worth noting that UL would have been well aware of the results and numbers before they sent out the recent email advising those on 54 would not be considered eligible. This would seem far too conservative a level (54) if they were confident of only needing to dip down to some of the 57’s to fill all the spots.

    I also think my earlier call of approx 70 the Dublin/Cork candidates currently on an UL offer might be a tad conservative - could easily be 75-80.

    Ok that’s it. I’ll stop now before I start making a case for the 55’s.

  • You can find out your random number by emailing the Cao !

  • I’m on 57 but my random number is 973 so I don’t know whether to be hopeful or not - I suppose it all just depends 😔

  • Thanks so much for this! Hopefully it all comes to fruition. Can I ask what the email you referenced is about?

  • About 2 to 3 weeks ago UL sent an email out to those whose Gamsat was less than 55 advising them they would not be considered eligible because out the current increase in numbers.

    All I’m saying is UL would surely know from previous experience how far they may have to row back in later rounds from the 58* cut-off to fill all spots. Knocking out only those on 54 or below seems ultra conservative.

    I’m still betting on some of the 56’s being called up.

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  • @Beggerboy thank you for this hope. I’m clinging into it for now. I’m your opinion how likely do you think a score of 60 is to get into UCC in further rounds?