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Plastic shelving for Carboys/Demi Johns in limited space


  • Looks like a good idea, just check that the shelves have enough clearance space for your demijohns + airlock attached.

    I would also want to screw it into the wall for extra safety, and perhaps insulate it.

  • Regarding insulation, thats a good point, my 80's built house was constructed with cavity blocks - so bugger all insulation. The kitchen gets too hot in summer and a bit baltic in the the winter. My goal is to read up and assemble bit and pieces so I'm ready to go at the end of the summer.
    The kitchen in summertime gets over 25C regularly which is too hot for cider brewing I think.
    My idea is to get a heavy curtain to run around the shelving to keep light off the demi johns inside and hopefully insulate or at least regulate temperature rise and fall inside.