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voltage and health risks of power lines

  • 13-05-2021 2:25pm
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    Is there a way to determine the voltage in an overhead power lines? Myself and my wife are considering buying a house (in the country) that has "overhead power lines" running across the property. There are two separate poles on the site, the second seems to be a spur connecting to the first, then has a "box" under the cables when then has cables coming out of it that appear to run underground from there - I assume this is the power for the (existing) house. The first pole has cables going in a couple of directions, likely to other populated areas. Both poles are single (wooden) poles with three cables connected, there are a few houses near the property and they seem to have similar poles connecting to their house.

    My question is should I be concerned living close to "power lines" and is it some/all power lines that pose potential health risks. I have a 5 year old child that obviously I don't want to take an risks with! I have come across articles like but this implies that the concern is largely with larger 220/400kVA lines that the lower voltage lines like the ones I hope sit on the site....

    All help appreciated.




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    Best to contact ESB directly and find out what the power lines are. There are rules governing overhead cables insofar as they can only be of a certain voltage and they have to be a min. height above the building and be insulated. There is a chance that they would move these free of charge but you would need to have your homework done first in order to present a good argument for that to happen. In saying that i have found the ESB to be very cooperative in the past.

    Electric Ireland have a "talk to" forum here and while its domestic queries they deal with they would be able to put you in contact with the right people.