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2016 VW Golf warning icons after long distance driving..

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    Have done a couple of long distance drives for work recently and during every long trip (about 2 hours into the drive) a load of warning icons appear on the dash. They are: error with autohold hand break (elecetric handbrake wont work in traffic for example, have to manually press and release button each time), automatic cruise control doesnt work (although I can still use speed limiter), faulty ABS icon, rear camera not working, etc.

    Whenever I finish my journey and leave the car for a half hour or so, and drive it again, there is no bother with any of those functions and there are no warning signals.

    Can anyone give me a head up on what might be the cause of this? I will get it looked at asap, is it betfer to go to the VW dealer where I bought the car or can I show it to a mechanic?