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Holding on to..

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    I'll cut to the chase here. When I need to go for a poo, I hold onto it until I have to go. I've been like this for many years & it's really starting to get to me. I'm 40 now & do not want to be doing this when I'm 50!
    There is a ritual that goes with it. When I feel like I need to poo, I go into the bedroom, take off my trousers & lie on my side. Some times & sorry if this graphic I pick hairs out of my anal region. This is all in preparation for getting the bowels moving. Other times I get down in a squat position until I feel something moving. But I hold onto it..I don't go straight into the toilet to poo. I hold onto it until I really have to let go. Then eventually I go. It's mentally & physically exhausting. I can't seem to go naturally. I've been to doctors, psychiatrist's, Chinese medicine etc & nothing has helped. It's very hard to explain to anyone what I go through. My partner is used to it & thinks it's weird which it is.
    At this stage I'm at my wits end, it really affects everyday life..I can be constipated for days which is really horrible & uncomfortable. I don't know if this is the right topic thread to post in but I'm desperate to see if anyone else has this.
    All I want to do is **** normally!!
    Any advice would be extremely welcome


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