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Murder at the Cottage | Sky



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    Back in the 1990ies I recall a shop on Bachelor's Walk in Dublin which sold such radios,

    i remember that shop. Often thought of buying one

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    Naked lesbians in West Cork, well who`d have thought. I actually know a fella who howls at the full moon. It`s an attention seeking mechanism really.....I want to be noticed there lads.....don`t care if it`s positive or negative.

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    I cannot find it but someone accused people here of being Bailey's minions. I want to clarify I am not a Bailey minion. I do not know who killed Sophie

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    I`m not a guard Jim. No family in the Gardaí either.

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    Ok I've reeeeaaallly super missed you quoting my every move and telling you to leave me alone 😉🤭

    Na seriously, at least you add intelligent discussion. Better than half the shower we've had here for the last week!

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    Major embarrassment completely overstates it, but he did do the Guards a favour.

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    Yaaaah, right. Pull the other, the way you blabber on with your nonsense most of the time, you sound exactly like one. Anything to deflect from the thin blue line or line of shite more like it

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    now now scoobs never said i would not post my views😀 have you not solved it yet?

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    Fine. *stamps foot*


    At least you didn't treat us to your fancy pants quotations in that particular post 😂

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    Dear, dear me....

    I can assure you, I have no intention of engaging with you in some back and forth piffle... That's just not my scene.

    Your opinion of my posts weather positive or negative, mean absolutely nothing to me (I really can't emphasise this point enough).

    But for clarity, I don't ask questions looking for answers .... Indeed, in my most recent post, I described myself as having brain spasms when I think of the many different possibilities this case could actually produce if investigated properly.

    I post 'Bizarrely ridiculous questions' - Care to elaborate on this statement??

    'Just doesn't reply' - As previously stated, I don't engage in nonsense. If I choose to reply, I will.

    Take a look at the times of my postings - I'm guessing they will be 'bizarre' as you say?? My employment puts me working at the strangest of hours, days, nights, weekends, make no difference to me, I am not your typical 9 to 5 man. Even if I wanted to, I doubt I could engage in a one on one debate on this forum even if I wanted to (which I don't).

    And... Too be totally honest, I couldn't give a flying fcuk what you think.

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    In summarising information regarding Cassidy the DPP said;

    "This means that Cassidy's source had informed him of the murder prior to 11.53 a.m.

    on 23 December 1996.

    The Gardaí did not arrive at the scene of the murder until 10.38 a.m. on 23 December


    Therefore, Cassidy's source had informed him about the incident within a short time of

    the Gardaí hearing of the murder."


    "This Office asked the Gardaí "who is the reliable source who informed Eddie Cassidy

    about the incident which contact led Cassidy to phone Bantry Garda Station at 11.53

    a.m. on the 23rd of December 1996 seeking Superintendent Twomey?".

    The answer given by D/Sgt. Hogan is that Eddie Cassidy will not disclose his source. "

    For whatever reason, one of the first actions of some Guard (it must be as why would Cassidy not give the source if it was anyone else?) almost immediately after the body was discovered was to tell a journalist on a well known newspaper.

    If the defence lawyers in a trial had this information, you believe it wouldn't be a major embarrassment in light of Bailey's obvious truthfulness as to his first knowledge of the murder versus the attempt to place him at the scene earlier than he could have known? Any jury would have seen this for the ham-fisted attempt at a stitch up it was, along with the manipulation of witnesses.

    But we shouldn't lose sight of the big picture. The main issue is the bringing into the investigation someone as senior as the head of the GNDU and how subsequently the DPP received a file that was designed to fall flat. Interesting you are quick to agree the DPP was doing the Guards a favour by not bringing a charge, but he wasn't given any choice with the bouquet of shite he received from the investigators. Bailey was to be convicted in the court of public opinion, which two arrests ensured. That is an impressive cover-up.

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    The Gate.

    The gate was open on discovery of body.

    There was blood (e.g garda number indicators) on both sides.


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    You see the problem with all of this is that by 11-53, the Gardaí knew, Alfie and Shirley knew (Alfie had been ringing the neighbours), the priest knew and the doctor knew. Yet you choose to blame the Gardaí for the leak because it suits your agenda when the reality is that Cassidy`s source could have been any one of several people. Given the talk about scanners here recently, (and they were widespread back then),it seems to me that you can`t discount some amateur radio enthusiast getting on the phone to Cassidy to tell him what was going on. So unless you know the source, there is no embarrassment for anybody really now is there?

    In any event, this kind of leaking goes on all the time and it isn`t a big deal until the Bailey sympathizers need a straw to clutch, so they can kick up a big storm about a whole lot of nothing because it`s all one big conspiracy don`t ya know. I believe Bailey when he says that Cassidy was the first to tell him. It has always been a big problem for him when you consider Leftwick, Fuller and Camier. But then he couldn`t say anyone told him before Cassidy did because it wouldn`t have been true and the individual would have denied it.

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    "Bailey Minions"

    "Bailey sympathisers"

    Note the rethoric of some contributers..I would say most people are neither Minions or sympathisers. Just people who expect hard evidence...

    I am however, a Sophie sympathiser.

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    I already asked the obvious question; what was to stop Cassidy naming the source if it wasn't a Guard?

    Otherwise you still believe that while Cassidy was busy trying to ascertain what had happened, Ian and Jules were actively spreading the news? And we're expected to take your seriously. Do you really believe that by evening when news of a murder started to spread around Goleen, Camier never thought to say to anybody that he had heard the big story at 11.30 that morning and in fact didn't remember this 'fact' for 2 years. You're beyond ridiculous.

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    fancy pants quotations

    do you mean? This is the only way I know to quotes Scoobs

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    FFS, Bannashide, an acquaintance of Alfie's, heard about the murder of the French woman before 12pm. And she was in Cork City. This timing thing is just more pointless nonsense. The people who found the body were not breaking any rules by talking about it. That's not a leak.

    One thing I don't understand is why Bailey is cagey about what he knew and when he knew it. Assuming he is innocent, why doesn't he just lay it all out there? Surely he has nothing left to lose?

    Possibly he doesn't remember because he was drunk a lot of the time but won't admit that because then someone could say 'maybe you killed her and don't remember it.'

    Still, I believe Bailey has yet to do a completely full and frank interview about this case and that isn't helping him.

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    Cassidy is a journalist. Why would he reveal his source, garda or otherwise? He was under no obligation to do so.

    Do you really believe that Camier heard nothing about the murder until the 24th? You see you paint an image of him having a brainfart two years after the murder and it all suddenly came back to him. But of course he always knew that Jules had been the first to tell him about it on the morning of the 23rd. He just didn`t realize that it was a significant piece of evidence. The vast majority don`t obsess about the detail of this case.

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    what was to stop Cassidy naming the source if it wasn't a Guard?

    Journalistic ethics and knowing no one would ever trust him again. But he was shown up by phone records to be lying

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    There are quite a few people who have given what appears to be barely credible evidence and opinion in this case, that if one was convinced they'd lied one might consider them, without knowing the full story, as low-lifes. But that would be unfair. Only if they were to persist with obvious lies would one be justified in thinking that this label was appropriate. At the very least.

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    You're to be taken seriously with your ethics. Cassidy was a state employee on an indirect payroll. If you don't know that wake the f up

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    That frank interview would dispel any doubts would it? I have no such doubts that Bailey had nothing to do with this murder but I have plenty of doubts about people like you who come on all innocent(e.g. why is he so cagey) with the idea that we really don't know do we? It's a figure of speech, I have no doubts about you.

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    They are not my ethics

    no journalist will reveal their source for reasons i gave above which are : Journalistic ethics and knowing no one would ever trust him again.

    No one would ever deal again with any journalist who give away their sources. Bailey would not be his last story. you do not know much about journalism if you think a journalist would name a source who was not a garda

    what do you mean Cassidy was a state employee? It does make any difference. Journalists do not reveal sources

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