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Shooting Swap days/meet ups for 2021.

  • 08-05-2021 5:39pm
    Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 27,404 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Cass

    Every so often whether its a newbie or just a few Boards members wanting to meet up a thread gets posted by someone looking for shooting.

    These can vary between someone looking for a shooting buddy, to someone looking for a "swap day". When they look to shoot elsewhere in return for a days shooting on their permissions.

    These threads/post often take the form of an advert in the For Sale/Wanted section or a thread in the hunting section, and as a result they often do not get replies or can be lost in the forum.

    To "centralise" this swapping of shooting days/permissions we (mods) though it would be best to have a dedicated thread and were now renewing that thread annually, where people can post what it is they are looking for and see if anyone else is already looking for the same thing.

    To keep things simple, safe, and above board there will be a few rules.
    •, and by association the mods, are not the police, and are not responsible for events/days/actions outside of the forum/site. We are providing you with the platform to arrange these days (because it is already happening on the forum), but accept no responsibility for how the day is planned, goes, is good or bad, etc. So in other words do your homework. Know who you are meeting. Meet in a public place if it's someone you don't know.
    • All posters must give the exact details of what it is they are looking for. As in no randomn "want to shoot" posts. Include what you are after and the the type of firearm you wish to use.
    • All posters will keep private contact info between themselves via the PM system. This means no sharing of phone numbers, e-mails, landlines, addresses, permission areas/addresses on the open forum.
    • All agreements between posters must include all details to one another. So no nick names, "handles", etc. You supply your full name and address to the person responding to your post (oce ye have agreed on a day, time, etc), and they do like wise.
    • There is to be no chit chat or after day reports on this thread. If you meet up with a few lad, and enjoy a days shooting then go on and start your own thread in the hunting section. Any posts not responding to or asking about a day will be removed. No notifications will be forthcoming.
    • Mark your post clearly. As we do not have the same drop down menu as in the for sale section there is a title bar at the top of every post you make. Use this to title/name the post. So if you are saying you want to invite some people to shoot your permission(s) you wirte "Wanted: Shooting in Laois/Offaly/Kilkenny, etc". or "Offered: Shooting in Laois/Offaly/Kilkenny, etc" Then write the post as normal in the dialogue box.
    • If you post offering a day there is NO guarantee that the person that answers will respond in kind. So if you post offering a day be under no illusions that the person is obliged to offer a day in return. They are not. This is a free service between members, and the mods will not interfere if you give a day out, but do not receive one in return.
    • If you plan a day with someone either make the day or give plenty of notice of your intention to NOT attend. Do not make arrangements to meet someone then not turn up. It's unfair, and will lead to the thread being a waste of time as people will not believe or trust those that post on it. Anyone found to be doing this purposely/maliciously will not be allowed to post again.
    • Both parties should/must have firearms & permissions. While there will be no onus to return the offer of a days shooting they must be in a position to do so regardless. This will create an element of safety, and should cut out the "new members" that would seek to abuse this system for nefarious means.
    • No posts from people described above will be permitted. This is not a platform for non shooters seeking a day out for free or for fun. If someone makes contact with you regarding such a day, and you are dubious, nervous, or feel the person has no experience with frearms, and wants to go out for a day for the experience then report the post/PM, and do not provide information about yourself. Also do not start a "war of words". Report anything that concerns you and let the mods deal with it.
    • This thread is NOT an event notification thread. So any organised events such as clay shoots, novice days, pistol comps, etc are to be posted in their respective threads in the appropriate forum. Also commercial days, driven shoots, etc are not for this thread. In other words nothing of a commercial nature.
    • As a free service among members there is to be no "selling" of shooting. So posts advertising your services will be removed. Even if those services are free you will not be allowed to advertise here. This is for the free swopping of a days shooting amongst members.

    This will run until the end of 2021 and a new thread created for 2022. Any issues, problems, abuse of the system, etc will result in what could be a useful tool being shut down. There will be no "leeway" for mistakes. The rules are clear, and laid out above so please read them carefully before posting.

    It's for you lads, and ladies so use, and enjoy it.

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    If you see a problem post use the report post function, "FLAG" & let a Moderator deal with it.

    Your Shooting Forum Moderators - Cass, Cookimonster, Vegeta, Sparks, It wasn't me!


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    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a few days pigeon/crow shooting over crops? I’m from Kerry but I’m working in cork so anywhere that is within a reasonable hr or 2 drive from there would be great. I have my own hide and decoys too if that helps. I can offer a days rough shooting in Kerry if people want to travel.