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Cracks in wall - opinions please?

  • 02-05-2021 1:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 95 ✭✭ Robert Allen

    Hi all, if you could offer advice on this before i ring the engineer id appreciate it.

    Ive noticed some hairline cracks on plaster work on some external wall corners, around Radon barrier level. Im praying they dont get worse. Walls are up 4 years and plastered 3 years. There doesnt seem to be significant cracks in plaster anywhere else, only in usual areas under one or two windows. No cracks visible on internal walls. In parts the plaster seems to be hollow when i tap on it, possibly coming away from wall due to rain getting in there or damp soaking up through blocks though I wouldn't
    have thought we had an issue with drainage.

    The guys putting in the paths left the top of the paths an inch or so below the Radon level which im not sure is an issue.

    The paths are also 4/5 inch above driveway in places as we are waiting to finish a garage before we finish up driveways and landscaping etc. Again, not sure if this is an issue.

    See image attached.

    Please tell me ive nothing to worry about!!!

    Thanks everyone.