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Old golf balls - what have you got

  • 27-04-2021 10:46am
    Registered Users Posts: 7,697 ✭✭✭ BrianD3

    Anyone here collect old balls, what have you got? I have a lot of balls from circa 1950-1980, none of them are in their boxes or wrappers as all were just balls that I found. When I collected them 20+ years ago they were worth nothing, with the passage of time some of them might be worth a euro or so now.

    I have a lot of Dunlops (Warwick, 65, Blue Flash, Bogey) Rams, Slazenger (B51, Star/Hogan, Plus) Uniroyal with hex dimples. Also some less well known balls which were the budget balls of their day. Balls like the Olympic and Barco.

    IMO the oldest balls that would be somewhat playable today would be those with a Surlyn cover and two piece construction i.e. a 1970s Top Flite. A Ram 3D (Surlyn cover but wound ball) might also be ok. Anything wound with a non Surlyn cover would be much too soft especially with the windings having relaxed with age. A lot of 1980s two piece "big" balls like the Dunlop65i and Pinnacles would be very playable. Not sure about Titleist though, I just tried a 1980s PTS Titleist for some chips there and it felt dead. Wound ball.



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    The BEST thing ever was finding damaged wound golfballs, taking the cover off, unwinding it, sending the bro down to the other end of the road taking one end of it and letting it release. The speed the rubber band reaches when it gets to the other side was pretty incredible (to a 12/13 year old) :D