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FF/FG/Green Government - Part 3 - Threadbanned User List in OP



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    By Mary Lou who has no problem with blocking homes getting built.


    Did she read out a Dear Deirdre letter as well 🤦‍♂️

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    While you are right in it being MLou who raised the matter, you said it it was the wrong information and it was pulled.

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    It wouldn't be the first time incorrect information was brought up in the Dáil. They have immunity so don't have to worry about getting things wrong.

    Not saying it is wrong information, I have no idea. Is the article still down?

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    The article, or a revised version, went back up the next day. I believe the main issue with the original article was who it claimed had bought the properties.

    Deutsche Banks investment arm bought them, presumably on behalf of a fund it manages. Occu, the company referred to in original article are merely collecting the rent for them.

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    The article was pulled. It was then put back up with the right information. Or what they think is the right information.

    Maybe the question should be why is Mary Lou complaining about houses that are built and now available to buy for some people and rent for others. Yet she has no problems blocking properties so they never get built in first place.

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    Pearl clutching and knee-jerk legislation in response to attitudes like this make for bad law.

    Every accident, injury or death is sad and unfortunate and a loss, BUT let's take the number of deaths vs the number of drivers and the number of journeys and in that more realistic perspective, we actually have a pretty good safety record.

    We hear almost daily about the rising numbers.. We don't hear about the hugely increased volume of traffic since the end of covid, the lack of enforcement of anything bar "speeding" (usually on motorways or straight stretches of national road if the Garda twitter is any indication), nor the apparently rampant drug driving nowadays (again per the Garda twitter account). We don't talk either about those single driver deaths late at night or those cyclists who get hurt or worse cutting up the inside of HGVs at junctions - yet all these things play a part of those stats too!

    Blaming it all on "speeding" is a lazy get out. Equally too is this notion that we should accommodate the nervous, slow and dangerous in other ways drivers who cry "think of us" - simply put, if you can't competently and comfortably drive at 80/100/120 km/h when there's no reason not to (ie : good road, good visibility) then you shouldn't be on the road really.

    This is yet another half-assed, half thought out plan from a Government that seems to veer wildly from social media outrage to outrage. We're regressing as a society and pandering to hysteria and crusading by people who have little grasp of the detail or complexity of most of the issues.

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    The target is minor roads, which is the problem. I gave an example of plenty more of minor roads at a too high a speed limit and no longer safe for the people in the area to walk or cycle on the road.

    Its half assed for people to complain they can’t go fast enough, go 5 mins earlier and you are sorted 👍

    The issue here is too man gobsh***s on the road that the rest of the people have to suffer. Get rid of the gobsh**s and then I’m sure they can review but still minor roads should be at a speed limit that people can walk/cycle them without some clown flying around on them thinking he is a rally driver

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    There's an ongoing student accommodation and affordability crisis in Cork. This is today's daily lead balloon for the Government.

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    if they buy that… there is simply no hope for this country until they are voted out.

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    Absolutely insane. Their defense of it by saying they'll replace the student accomodation with "alternative accomodation" is also ridiculous. Why not just leave the students in the purpose built student accomodation, thats literally next to campus, and put the asylum seekers in the "alternative accomodation" elsewhere instead then?

    The reality is obviously that they won't replace it, and both students and anyone in Cork's rental market get screwed.

    Its just like the hotel in Roscrea all over again - where they've admitted the community needs a hotel, so they're now claiming they'll open a new hotel for the community, after just closing down the already functioning hotel. Its almost literally unbelievable stuff.

    And all at incredible cost to the state on top obviously. Heading towards €3bn a year being spent on all of this now. We could have 5000+ extra nurses and gardai in the state for that... Imagine how much that would improve everyone's quality of life?

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    Here is a novel idea why not just send the ayslum seekers back where they came from with explanation, to all those that think we owe the world the beds we lie in and the shirts off our backs, that we simply do not have the resources to cope.

    Then lo and behold students will have student accommodation, old and infirmed people will have nursing homes, tourists will have hotel rooms, locals will have hotels for social gatherings.

    Common sense is not all that common it seems in Leinster House.

    I am not allowed discuss …

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    Hmmm, more cesspit vulture funds in the market?

    This in O’Brien’s own backyard, if true.

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    Former TD and serving Fianna Fáil councillor Colm Keaveney has been charged with driving under the influence of cocaine

    The Independent

    I'm sure they all have tried it at some stage 😄

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    shure they all work so hard.

  • Registered Users Posts: 13,186 ✭✭✭✭jmayo

    You need to take a look at Keaveney's chequered history to understand how he had no friends to make this go away, like other incidents involving politicians, businessmen, media types and sports people.

    Now not saying drug influenced driving charges were made go away, but other things often were.

    He was never FF insider, he was in Labour, fell out with them and became independent, then had the temerity and audacity to hook his wagon to one Declan Ganley.

    And he is also enemy of one FG insider Mr O'Brien.

    I am not allowed discuss …

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    Latest opinion poll - doesn’t bode well for the shinners.

    With the 3 coalition parties polling at considerably higher than SF, looks like we are stuck with more of the FFG rubbish, meaning more housing shortages etc.

    The options in Irish politics really are very limited:(

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    Poll today is interesting

    I could easily see a new government either FG/FF and some independents being elected.

    Business Post / Red C Poll

    SF: 25% (-4)

    FG: 20%

    FF: 17% (+1)

    SD: 6%

    LAB: 4%

    GP: 4%

    PBP/S: 3%

    AON: 3% (+1)

    INDs/Others: 18% (+2)

    +/- December 2023

    It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone's fault. If it was us, what did that make Me? After all, I'm one of Us. I must be. I've certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We're always one of Us. It's Them that do the bad things.

    Terry Pratchet

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    How many parties do you want to have?

    "very limited" ??

    • Fianna Fáil.
    • Sinn Féin.
    • Fine Gael.
    • Green Party.
    • Labour Party.
    • Social Democrats.
    • People Before Profit–Solidarity.
    • Independent Ireland.
    • Aontu
    • Independents 4 change
    • etc

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,588 ✭✭✭Augme

    SF + Labour + SD = 35%

    Current gov. = 41%

    The Greens would fit more closely with SF+labour+SD. The performance of the small parties will be the major factor and when it comes to polls, the margin of error places a big caveat on predictions.

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    The way the polls are heading for all the talk of people wanting change the figures don't really indicate that.The number of indos and small groups looking likely to be returned shows there will be no significant change .

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    A poll is a poll, until it gets closer to the election it is only a poll.

    SF supporters spent the last few years telling everyone how important polls are and how great SF are for been high in them, once they start to drop then its a different story.

    This poll didn't take into consideration the nurse/Garda pay rise as well. You would have to expect a bump for government parties with that as well

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    Agree its just a poll but SF were polling too high and are bound to come down a bit.I still think that the current group in power have a few more options to get back in ,SF have fewer viable options I believe.

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    I justed wabted to be sure. Anyway, most public servants feeling towards the deal is not that positive so I don't think that will have any impact on their numbers.

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    FF/FG aren't gaining from SF's loss, its INDs mostly who are. Which would suggest its mostly down to the immigration issue.

    SF are going to find it very difficult to square the circle between their large working class voter base (which polls show are 85% anti non-EU immigration), large rural conservative voter base (also hugely anti non-EU immigration these days), and their more ideologically left wing and/or young party activists (who're generally very pro-migration).

    They're currently doing their best to sit on the fence and not have a clear position, but thats not going to work for long. Their TDs/county councillors are regularly getting it in the neck at local meetings from constituents already apparently.

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    Yeah but there is generally a seat 'penalty' for smaller parties so Sf+Green=Lab+SD are highly unikely to secure anything like 40% of Dail seats. If there was anything like a direct correlation between vote share and seat total Aontu with 3% should be coming back with 5 or so seats, whereas in reality they have almost no chance of winning more than 1.

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    I see a massively fragmented election next time out. I see first preference votes going all over the place but I can't see FFG getting many second/third preferences. Any new parties or new articulate Independents could do well.

    The current government is annoying the electorate in every aspect of their lives. They only actually do anything when there Is a social media trend. Is there a single ministry that has been a success??

    What are they doing in the Hyacinth House?

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    SocDems won 6 seats with 3% of the vote so it's not always the case that there is a penalty, sometimes the opposite can happen. But the performance of smaller parties is always very difficult to predict.