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On Call

  • 20-03-2021 7:47pm
    Registered Users Posts: 165 ✭✭ Mullinabreena

    I work in maintenance on the day shift 8am to 4pm and I'm on call every three weeks for 7 days to cover evening and night shift, so from 4pm to 8am the following day. I'm just curious from anyone else who might have a similar set up how it works for them.

    I get a "on call" fee of €150 for the week I'm on call it works out at roughly €1.34 per hour before tax for been on call because I normally have to work the 7 days I'm on call. I get mileage too for each call out. (I think it's around 50 cent per km) I only get paid my hours on site when I clock in (time and a half), in the past the company would pay 3 hours minimum for every call. If I get a call about something silly that I can answer over the phone I get nothing even if its after midnight. Also if I get a call after mid night where I have to go in there is nothing official about how much time I get off in the morning but they would expect me in no later than noon. I know you're supposed to have an 11 hour break from work but that doesn't seem to happen here.


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    Im not on call in my current role but my current employer pay about 200 euro a month for being on call from 4.30 pm - 8 am and 4 hrs overtime if called to site. It's mainly the team lead or manager that are on call.
    I was on call in my previous job about 5 years ago for similar money. There was a 12 hour shift on Saturday and Sunday which I had to be on call for every 3rd week. I got 75 euro for each day and overtime if called in but only once I clocked in.
    The 75 euro was only for being on call and not coming to site so if I I actually was called in I didnt get the 75 only the overtime. The other techs and I brought it to our manager and HR attention several times that we should get 75 for each day regardless and but was told thats the way its done.
    There was no travel allowance and as the factory didnt have a night shift there was no chance of being there after 11 pm.