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Stand Mixers

  • 12-03-2021 9:04pm
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    Hi All

    On the lookout for a stand mixer, have taken up baking much more in the last year and sick of the hand held one! Does anyone have any recommendations? Looking to spend less than 300e if possible.

    Have searched back through old threads on here and can see Kenwood has been most recommended but it seems the prices used to be in the region of less than 200e but they seem much more expensive these days!

    Thanks a mill!


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    Mixers are like couches, never buy at full price as they are usually heavily discounted in sales. Half price or 20% off is not unusual when the likes of Arnotts have homeware sales.

    Except for the KitchenAid which normally gets a 10% discount at best. I’ve a KitchenAid and love it. Is it worth the money? Probably not, but I can afford it and the look is important to me as it is permanently on the counter top.

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    In my opinion it's wort buying one that will last. My Kenwood Chef was 37 years old when it broke last year, and I replaced it with a KMix. It was a lot cheaper than a new Chef but will do everything I need it to. It cost €300.

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    My Kenwood Chef was 37 years old when it broke last year.

    I do think though that the old ones were better than the ones available now! I have a very old Kenwood Chef, couldn't give an age to it as I bought it second hand over 20 yrs ago and it's flying but I bought another basic one couple of years back and it's a bit toy like in comparison to the original :)

    I have a Kitchenaid, they are expensive but so pretty! I don't think you need anything as good as that if not doing a lot of baking and I mean seriously a lot as in practically every day use. Definitely need a very heavy mixer if you intend making bread doughs, cakes/buns not so hard on a mixer and a lighter one will do.

    My niece who is very interested in baking got a stand one for Christmas, Supervalu special, think it was less than 50 quid and fine for her needs. There are so many options out there now, Aldi/Lidl regularly do a version but I suppose if I was going for an economic brand name I'd probably still go with Kenwood.

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    Thanks a mill for all the responses.

    Was out today and called into DID and managed to pick up a Kenwood kMix, the one with the stainless steel bowl for 249e so was happy enough with that!