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Child maintenance and welfare benefits



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    Anyone who looks back on your posts can see the constantly changing stories and poormouth/ suddenly have money fluxuations. You started off looking to see what benefits you could claum and specifically focused on wanting a medical card hence the reply. Your circumstances have changed in every other post - no money, no family, no friends, no income, etc etc but sure you’re fine flying around the world with your child using money you can access ( but not yours of course because you want to claim benefits and have no income & no job & no savings) and you might come back to Ireland and your husbands 7,500 a month salary and claim benefits ( and a medical card of course) if you can figure out what you can get. I see tour child is used to flying around the world with you and all that goes with that in terms of costs and health risks at the moment and quarrentine. I’m sorry your marriage broke up. I hope you find work as a trained teacher again.

    Circumstances haven't changed, only benefits I'm interested about it's health related ones IF WE STAY IN IRELAND, not even the ones I might be entitled after legal separation.
    "no money, no family, no friends, no income" IN IRELAND

    Money fluctuations? Always said I didn't have an income, job or savings IN IRELAND, and was clear, specifically to you, that whatever extra financial help I might get for flights and studies come from my parents, it's not monthly money that might count as an income;)

    I think I've been clear enough about the reasons, which I shouldnt have talked about here, why I'm in my home country.

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    You’ve lived in Ireland for 5 years. You know your daughter has free GP care and will until she is 12. But her father has a full time well paid job so she is not going to be stuck.

    You also know the hospital system in Ireland albeit flawed is FREE. I would also wonder does her dad have health insurance? Most employees on the upper pay scale work for companies who cover all or part of a health insurance policy.

    Your husband has also said he will continue to pay the mortgage and allow you live there and also pay maintenance. Any social welfare will be means tested.
    I’d agree with a previous poster it’s very generous but I’d go a step further and say stupid.

    The reality is in Ireland there is really no long term spousal support. So you will need to get a job and support yourself long term.

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    jrosen wrote: »
    You’ve lived in Ireland for 5 years. You know your daughter has free GP care and will until she is 12.
    I forgot that free GP care has been extended to age 12. Thank you for adding that.

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