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€1500 Espresso machine budget

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    I'm half blind looking at machines, features and reviews. Would appreciate input from the gurus on here.

    What I have:
    • Gaggia Classic - bought new in 2015 and used daily since.
    • Mazzer Super Jolly grinder - Got a great deal on it in 2017 and I expect it to keep on trucking for many years. It replaced a Sage Smart Grinder Pro which broke down after 2 years and is an unrepairable piece of junk. I won't buy another Sage / Breville product.
    • It's rare that I'd need to make more than a couple of coffees at once.
    • I want to make more flat whites and cappuccinos. The Gaggia is weak at steaming.
    • I'm not a tinkerer, want something relatively straightforward that I can get repeatable results with once dialled in. I'm boringly consistent in my coffee preferences. eg I've probably been drinking 3FE momentum blend for about a year.
    Current favourites:
    The Profitec Pro 300 and Rancilio Silvia Pro are the main two I'm looking at. Both have PID, dualboiler and should be durable, serviceable and long-lasting machines. Any other machines that I should seriously consider? For my usage should I spend less and blow my money elsewhere?