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ITAR importation: Easy? Or a pain in the b**ls?

  • 19-02-2021 7:54pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,084 ✭✭✭ alanmc

    Hi all,

    Has anyone gone through an ITAR importation? I'm looking at buying a Foreend from Victor Company in the US. The item is under ITAR. Their website says the can "put me in touch with an ITAR exporter" if I'm in international buyer.
    However if you want to order one and live outside of the United States please send us an email ([email protected]) and we will connect you with our ITAR EXPORTER. It's fast and super easy- thanks!

    Just wondering if it's a major ballache to do this importation or if it's as "fast and super-easy" as they claim. Are there extra costs involved besides the normal import duties?



  • Registered Users Posts: 14,330 ✭✭✭✭ Grizzly 45

    A PITFA if you are just doing it for parts! You would be better off trying to source the part in the EU first.Try Brownells Germany ,as they do monthly imports and might have it in stock or be able to acquire it for you? Otherwise, it is a messy enough complicated and expensive procedure, more suited to moving large quantities rather than once offs. It was "simplified" somewhat once pres Trump moved it out of State dept remit,to the dept of commerce, but it is still far as I heard in the process of moving and still a paperwork job.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,084 ✭✭✭ alanmc

    Thanks Grizzly. My fears confirmed. I'll see if I can find it this side of the pond.