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Alternative to Debenhams for Bras?

  • 17-02-2021 1:33pm
    Registered Users Posts: 266 ✭✭ missusj

    Now that I'm not buying bras at Debenhams any more, can anyone suggest a good alternative?

    I used to always get their 'Gorgeous' DD+ brand t-shirt bras and they were perfect, but now that I have to find an alternative - online because of Covid - I'm struggling to decide what's a reliable brand, ie. solid, comfortable, decent straps.

    I'm thinking I may have to order a few, with inevitable returns.

    Has anyone changed from 'Gorgeous' brand and found an equivalent that they are happy with?


  • Never shopped for bras in Debenhams, but M&S are a good high street option.

  • Thanks Conor(?) :)

    I'll check them out

  • Ann summers daily wear are great.

  • Thanks corkgsxr

  • Oxendales have a good selection.

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  • arnotts

  • M&S are terrible for bras, and whatever you do, don’t let them size you. Their method is crap.

    When you have big boobs, you need decent bras and hood support- if not you’ll end up with back and neck pain.

    I’m not based in Dublin but I travel to peaches and cream there about 3 times a year- they’re brilliant at fitting and have a good selection. They also have pretty bras, rather than the scaffolding you can get in some places once you go above a D cup. When shops are open again it’s worth considering.

  • Belle femme in kilkenny are very good for fitting also.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions.
    I actually had a look at M&S and ordered some, because they looked decent enough.... hopefully they will be okay until I can go to a real life shop.

  • I buy DD+ bras from M&S and find them grand! But I sized myself, their measuring method gave me too big of a band. I also like ASOS, they have a good range of brands and there's 20% off promos quite often these days.

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  • LizT wrote: »
    Oxendales have a good selection.

    And Simply Be and Yours Clothing

  • I also reccomend M&S - this brand has great quality products. Try to find maybe some local brand sewing bras - such companies pay more attention to the details and often the quality is better than in big fashion industries. I'm from Poland and everytime I'm back there, I buy bras locally - on the internet, but from a little company I'm sure of (Gorteks or Kinga).

  • I bought some recently from The Ladies Slip in Tramore - they were really helpful! Measured myself using the boob or bust method (website) and was able to get what I needed really quickly and no problems

  • Bra Stop online