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Homebrew wine storage - plastic 5L water bottles?

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    I'm guessing the answer to this is a firm no, but thought it was worth asking - would it be feasible to store home brewed white wine in empty 5L water bottles of the kind you can buy in the supermarket? I got myself a wine kit before Christmas but royally screwed up in that I mistook a 23L kit for a 5L demijohn kit, and my issue is that I don't have 30 empty screw top wine bottles - and even if I did, storage would become an issue as the cupboard I use for beer bottles isn't tall enough for wine bottles.

    I was curious as to whether I might be able to get around this using empty large plastic bottles - would this ruin the taste or vastly reduce shelf life, assuming I store them in a cold, dark place such as a cellar?

    And if this idea is indeed a non-runner, does anyone have any other suggestions for how to package a finished wine kit apart from having to source 30 empty bottles and try and deal with storage issues?