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Norway I-Pace EV baseplate hole repair - 34000 Euro

  • 03-02-2021 3:47pm
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    This is from Norwegian magazine Motor.
    A Jaguar I-Pace has a small hole in the baseplate, possibly caused by putting something underneath car when changing a tyre. The owner never changed tyres himself, instead using a tyre company.

    One garage estimate the repair at around 34000 euro, another at 32000 euro


    No one can say with certainty what caused the small hole but the only approved repair method for damage to the battery's base plate is currently replacing the entire battery case, says Frank Hjalmar Jensen, aftermarket manager at Jaguar Land Rover Norway.

    Story to be continued I hope.


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    With prices like that, sounds like they are just going to replace the whole battery pack.

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    Tec7 !

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    If it happened to one of my near neighbours, I'm sure he would weld a plate on himself :D Years ago when he had some Suzuki 4x4 which turned out to be at increased risk of overturning, he welded a big metal plate on to the bottom to lower the centre of gravity.

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    Not quite a 32k repair but this Hybrid was a 18k one.

    A dodgy Body shop did a job on it and drove a decking screw through the gearbox / hybrid engine cooler.

    Cant buy the gearbox separately - comes with the hybrid drive.