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Water outage

  • 18-01-2021 1:22pm
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    City council say a large mains has been compromised it has caused an outage across southern knocknacarra, salthill, lower salthill, taylors hill, marys Road, Newcastle and the West end, will remain out until six pm


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    Apparently caused by a 3rd party and not the usual wear and tear FFS!
    "Due to third-party works, a large watermain has been compromised and as a result, a very large, unplanned water outage will occur in the west side of Galway City. The earliest return of supply is estimated to be 6pm.
    Galway City Council is assisting the developer to restore supply.
    The outage will affect the following areas: Salthill, Lower Salthill, Dominick Street & west end of city centre, Newcastle, University Rd, St Mary’s Road, Taylors Hill, Kingston & south end of Knocknacarra (South of Western Distributor Road).
    NOTE: Supply to UCHG is independent and will remain unaffected." (Source: Galway Bay FM)

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    Thought all building works are postponed due to covid

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    Thought all building works are postponed due to covid

    You'd be wrong there. Essential construction projects could remain open.