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Here's a very weird thing that's happening.

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    So, I've ben vaping for a few years now. I have loads of mods and tanks. the last year or so I've been using coils that are 1 ohm or greater with nic salts.

    The setup I'm using right now is an aegis with a digiflavour siren. Although I also use an ares and others from time to time.

    Now here's the weird thing. I can vape when I'm out and about. I can vape when I'm watching TV. I can vape anywhere with no issues.

    However when I put my mod down within a foot or two of my work laptop (macbook pro) it leaks. Every single time it leaks. Takes about 15 minutes to happen. It doesn't happen when it's next to my personal dell laptop. Only that macbook. It's probably happened about 20 times now.

    Simple solution is not to put it there.

    But I really want to know why. It's not hotter or colder there. Not noticeably anyway. I thought, maybe it's some sort of EM field. Then I thought, that's just nuts.

    So has anyone ever experienced something like this. Tanks that leak when only in one place?


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    Many macbook pros have a grounding issue which can lead to static buildup. If you rub the metal panels either side of the trackpad does it feel kind of like it's vibrating? That's a good indication that it has the grounding issue (it's basically giving you small electric shocks). In some cases you can fix it by charing through a different port (assuming it's a USB-C model?).

    Not sure how or why that would make your device leak though.

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