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Desktop Accessories for a MacBook Air M1

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    Hello All! :)

    I've just ordered a MacBook Air M1. My first new computer in many years, and my first Mac ever! It won't be arriving for over a month, so that gives me time to look for a few accessories for a desktop setup when it's not sitting on my lap! (At the moment I just use my old Windows laptop standalone, but, like me, it ain't getting any younger! :P)

    I need a decent monitor - probably about 27-inch - as well as a keyboard, mouse, and USB-C hub. Keyboard and mouse will be wireless. (No keypad needed on the keyboard.) Need to be able to plug a few old USB-2 sticks and SD-Cards into the hub, to transfer data. Suppose a stand for the MacBook might be a good idea too - if only to protect it from me spilling a cuppa all over the desk! :D

    Anyway, if anyone has recommendations regarding the above, they'd be much appreciated - and if I'm missing something, all suggestions welcome! I'm totally out of date, technology-wise, so not really sure what's what these days. The new MacBook will be a giant leap forward for me!

    Cheers! :)