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Vote for Ireland's only entry in the World Games Greatest Athlete of All Time

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    James Kehoe of Co. Wexford has taken part in nine World Games, winning nine medals in total. He has over 100 National Tug of War titles and a record number of 25 Gold Medals between World and European Tug of War Titles. Even in Ireland he's not that well known because Tug of War isn't a sport that draws much attention, but his achievements are remarkable in the sport.

    A founding member of Boley Tug of War club, he started his sporting career in 1976 and incredibly, he is still active to this day. His brothers were also active in the club, seven of whom competed in the sport at an international level. His sporting career is one of record breaking achievement and he should be acknowledged for this.

    You can vote once per day on the site, and must also vote for another athlete for your vote to count. Please help vote for him - as I said he's not very well known even here in Ireland, so a strong show of support would be very much appreciated.

    Vote here