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Housemate s sister calling over

  • 09-01-2021 1:46pm
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    I'm fairly pissed off.

    I just came home only to find my housemates sister just landing to our house. I didn't see her but heard them going up the stairs. I reckon my housemate got a bit of a land when I arrived as I'm usually not here at this time. I went into the kitchen and the kettle had just boiled, weather they were just about to have tea or not.

    I was in the kitchen til about 10/15 min later they came down stairs. HM came into the kitchen. Just said hi to each other. I asked was their someone here and she said oya just my sister , we're just going for a walk if that's ok ..... Flogging it off as if no big deal, turning away from me. She made them both tea and into the sitting room for about 10min and finally gone. She also had someone over new years night but I didn't say anything cause I was the only one here and just didn't want to be complaining about it.

    Now the thing that's piss me off is that we have had numerous conversations how we don't want to get it, giving out about people breaking rules, and how lucky we are not to have got it yet. Even last night we had this conversation. I've been off work since day 1, I haven't had anybody over, I only got to physically see 2 friends over Christmas, we were sitting in our own cars talking out the window. I'm finding this so difficult I don't have a choice but not work. I'm limited to so much.

    Even last night she was giving out she didn't want to go back to work next week cause she might easily cat it..... But yet it's ok to bring someone round here, just cause she's ur sister.... She meets her at home!!

    I'm so annoyed. How can I handle this properly. Not gonna lie I find conformations difficult. I did raise an issue before, how I dealt with it was wrong but I did apologize for it and sincerely meant it. I can see that being thrown against me.

    There's 2 other people here but both haven't been here since before Christmas.


  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 6,605 Mod ✭✭✭✭Hannibal_Smith

    It doesn't have to be a confrontation, you could simply say, I know your sister was here today, but I think it's best during the lockdown if we don't bring anyone else into the house.

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    Possibly the sister was only going to be there briefly - you said it was at a time when you weren’t usually there. Perhaps she felt if she sanitised after the quick visit it might be okay. But since you caught her she will prob be reluctant to do it again. I’d say it’s prob a one off - not saying it is right, but you mightn’t have to worry about it again.

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    You say your housemate had somebody else over on New Year's Eve and now you find out by accident that her sister was in the house. Those are the only incidents you know of. You can't control who she sees but your default from now on should be that she isn't being as careful as you are and is potentially carrying covid.

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    For the next year it will be a problem. She should stay in roommates room. If your not in same room for over 15 minutes you should be ok
    There is more chance of getting it from your roommate. Than his sister your bathroom should be cleaned with bleach after each use as should your kitchen
    Buy oximeter from China for 15 euro it takes oxegen reading
    You need to know your baseline before you become sick and stay near that base line you can get a head thermometer but no one I know who got covid had high temputure a person with COVID-19 can have very low oxygen levels but otherwise appear well, termed "
    As a good rule of thumb, a person with COVID-19 monitoring his or her clinical status at home will want to ensure that the SpO2 reading stays consistently at or above 90 to 92%. If the number consistently drops below this threshold, timely medical evaluation is warranted.

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    I'm kind of in the same situation, HM started dating just after first lockdown, I didnt have an issue during the summer etc but when the restrictions came in that there were no household visits i said it and was told that I was to I've my life and they would life thiers.

    Now we are into another lockdown with more serious numbers and HM works in a high risk environment. Thier other half came over today, was only in thier room so haven't said anything, however, them being here is making me VERY uncomfortable, so if it becomes more frequent or they are in shared space I will ask that partner is not brought over duening lockdown.

    I understand that they have the right to have people over as its their home, but I also have a right to feel comfortable and safe in my home.

    A compromise is all you can ask for.

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    Another with same situation. But housemate goes to his girlfriend's alot and stays over. We're being told to treat everyone as if they have covid, so he's out spending the night at the girlfriends and then coming home to ours and potentially bringing home covid. If he's not at his girlfriend's, he's bringing his friend over and chatting away in the kitchen without any window nor door open. It's completly unfair while 3 more of us are taking things seriously, he's continuing on without a care in the world.