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Euromillions 2021 - Vampire Weekend



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    I’m channeling U2 or ABBA for tomorrow morning, or perhaps maybe even a bit of Barbara Dickson, but for tonight I’ll quote the Smiths

    “This is the last night of the fair, and the grease in the hair, of a speedway operator”

    So I am going to move the bankroll from -00095 points to -00150 points with the following bets

    Type of bet   Number(s)                        Stake           Running total

    Single            #12                               10 points          10 points

    Single            #42                               10 points          20 points

    Double           #12,#42                        4 points          24 points

    Lucky 31      #02,#12, #22,#32,#42    1 point            55 points

    Good Luck to me and a Happy New Year to everyone who has read any of this winning/losing thread!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,632 ✭✭✭ jacool

    2021 ends with a whimper

    One 1 pt single there for a return of 9 points meaning a loss on the year of -141

    Here's to 2022!