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Help with choosing a colour

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    Im redecorating a small room in the house, bought this paint call deep amethyst on a whim as I really liked the colour and went ahead with painting the walls without thinking it through.
    I love the colour but its quite strong and needs something to soften it or balance it out. Ideally I think this would suit an accent wall but too late for that now lol.

    A quarter of the way down from the top of the wall is separated with skirting board, above the skirting is wall space painted off white - the same colour as the ceiling. Everything below it is painted deep amethyst - The image I posted below was the most accurate colour image I could find. In real life its slightly more pink, id describe it as mulberry.

    I want to paint the skirting and wall space above it, really not sure what colour to go?
    Ive tried different shades of cream, white, different shades of grey, lilac and nothing is sitting right.
    Any ideas?