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Gold fish breeding

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    Hi there,

    During the last lockdown I revived an old pond, initially starting with 3 gold fish but about two months ago added two more.

    We were just counting the fish today and noticed a small black/brown fish swimming around. I can only assume it’s an offspring. Seems a decent size, about 3 cm long or maybe more ( it evaded us after second sighting).

    Will these fish continue to breed? Is there anything we should add to the water to help?

    Any help/advice appreciated.


  • Most golfish when born revert to their humble beginnings as crucian carp which are darker.
    i beleive the orientals bred mutant variations to produce goldfish or redfish as we see them now. the darker colour will gradually be replaced with lighter reds once they mature around 50mm or nine months.
    i beleive some breeders are deliberaely breeding in black or dark colours for the ornamental market which is prevolent in black moors which are also mutants of crucian's
    trust this helps