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New kitchen ideas. Anything you would change/ advise?



  • misc2013 wrote: »
    Extractor fan?

    I had to opt for a filter one as there is a steel beam directly overhead. I went for this one in lime green. Not everyone's cuppa tea but I love it and it's very efficient

  • I was scuppered with new kitchen in an old 50s house,small kitchen as entry from garage goes through kitchen to passage way.

    Entering through hall goes through kitchen to extension.

    Kitchen is dark and went for glossy white reflective cabinets with a black glossy large tiles.

    I had just enough room to get a hob fitted over 2 extra deep pull out drawers and a cutlery drawer for stuff needed on the hob.

    A very wide extraction hood fitted over the hob which overhangs my black wooden worktop and is used for venting pkp or ninja foodi.

    Overhanging presses with lift up doors in frosted glass=no headbutting and cursing.Stores food.

    My old sink was very deep from the 50s and no splashes as with the newer model it does.

    Long wall between walls i have a built in fridge and freezer with storage above space

    To the left i have a waist height oven with 2 deep pull out drawers and above more storage space.

    To the left of that i have another wider 2 deep drawers and a cutlery drawer with another black wooden worktop where i use a halogen oven and a coffee pod machine. Behind both countertops i have red glass splashback and hob has stainless steel backing.

    Now the fun started as we had an alcove where old oil burner was fitted and removed on other side of room between other 2 doors and kitchen designer wanted to block it off and i did not want that.

    We came up with a design with shelves behind doors,2 very deep pull out drawers,and a smaller space left over had 2 shelves and corn flakes and rice krispies.

    That unit was fitted with a wide top to use kitchen stools which is great and the hole left under the alcove allowed me to run sat boxes and cables and other stuff before kitchen was fitted and big tv on wall.I love my tv.

    At the time i did not think of under press lighting but fitted 2 led strips as had a switch and sockets to hand.
    Other press has no lighting under it as with 2 x 6 lights in ceiling i think i am ok.

    Another thing that gets over looked if you have big electrical units like my ninja foodi it is big and heavy and people are burning themselves on the pot inside and say if only we had a lower worktop or just seen a new build of pull out strong shelves that are used when pulled out and are height adjustable for storage and power supply inside.

    With a small kitchen and ensuite off the extension we had space enough for washing machine with 3 drawer freezer above and clothes dryer beside it and staging .Small shelf on wall allows storage of ninja foodi,air fryer and pkp.

    One thing was a bugger was the extractor hob outlet had to be lowered down to exit into garage and up through roof and hear the wind howling through it.

  • bb12 wrote: »
    my extractor fan is a gutmann. it's a german make and is a bit of a showpiece in itself so it doesn't distract from look of the kitchen.

    my hob is induction so the surface of the island is pretty much all level and i often end up working on top of it also.

    however, no matter what, the island will always tend to become the default space for putting stuff on so you have to constantly make the conscious decision not to keep cluttering it.

    i wouldnt put the sink on the island though. you don't spend as much time using it and your island will constantly be splashed with water if you put the sink there.

    oh and others have said, eye level ovens if you have the space.

    Very useful tips there. May I ask which model extractor you got from Gutmann, and where i could get one?

    I like the look of the Silla.