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Home made chipper grub

  • 23-12-2020 6:17pm
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    Alright, so normally I would be in Cork tonight, getting Dino's before heading into town. Not happening this year for obvious reasons.

    Gonna have a go off making something vaguely similar at home:

    - Chips
    - Maris pipers
    - Par boiled
    - Fried
    - Potato pie or cheese and onion pie
    - Mashed spude (with cheese and onion)
    - Balled up and chilled
    - Battered with the usual batter for onion rings
    - Onion rings
    - Self raising flour, bitta salt, moderate to light batter
    - Battered vegan sausages (Denny)
    - Don't cook in advance (???)
    - Batter and fry

    Any advice or thoughts? Plenty of salt and vinegar of course too...


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    Chips - as well as par boiled (and potentially frozen in between, albeit probably not for a normal Irish chipper) - fry twice, 170 and 190c are my usual temps.

    Many of the "better reputed" Irish chippers are using animal fats for the cooking, but if you're intending to batter vegan sausages, maybe don't try that... no idea about your specific one there. I prefer McCartney sausages but that's very personal.

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    I use the cold fry method for chips. Cut your chips chunky and if you like the small crispy bits cut some of the curved edges fairly thin and put in a deep fat fryer with the oil cold. Turn it on at 130c and after about 20-25 minutes turn it up to 190c leaving chips in throughout and shake after a few minutes on the higher heat to avoid sticking together and colour to taste because after the initial 130c cooking they are already cooked. Some of the best homemade chips I ever had were made this way. I don't even rinse them, straight from cut to cold oil. It might take 1-2 tries to perfect but once you do it will be worth it.

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    Would you not just go and get a chipper anyway? None of that is going to taste like it's from a chipper if you make it at home because your oil is likely going to be too clean (if it's the first time you've used it) and a lot of chippers add beef dripping, as others have mentioned.

    And, quite frankly, it's a *lot* of effort for something that's not going to taste remotely they way you want it to.

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    Tree wrote: »

    Any advice or thoughts? Plenty of salt and vinegar of course too...
    put it in bags or in a covered bowl to let it "sweat". Sweating burgers like this makes a big difference, the roll gets steamed. I much prefer "sweated" chips and do this on purpose.

    I know some who hate it so its up to yourself of course, they will open bags from the chipper to let steam out purposely so they stay more crisp.

    Most chippers will be using "non brewed condiment" rather than legit malt vinegar, some places sell this now, or it can be got in chippers.

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    So, couldn't get chips in Cork, cause I'm in Limerick, so forced to make my own potato pies.

    - Not fresh, used a couple of times for onion rings, bhaji, topped up w/ fresh crisp n dry

    How did it go:
    - Parboiled
    - Part fried
    - Final fry
    Decent but like, not as good as Lennoxs. Needs to be wrapped in paper for ten minutes with salt and vinegar.

    Onion Rings:
    - Wussed out w/ the sheer amount of food I made (there are two of us)

    Cheese and onion pies:
    - Boiled two potatoes
    - Mashed w/ a knob of butter, salt, pepper, 1tsp onion powder, handful of grated cheddar, scooped into balls, chilled
    - Dipped in batter, fried until the batter set and put aside (i tried double battering one, and it was very good)
    - Final fry when everything was ready to go
    Spot on, I could take on Dino but at the same time, not sure how well it'll scale...

    Vegan battered sausages
    - Denny sausages
    - Battered and fried till done, batter was a bit too dry
    - Fried more until the batter set, put aside and fried when everything else was ready - MUCH closer to the real thing.
    May try the double battering next time. won't be the last time I make them.

    Garlic Mayo
    - Garlic granules, mayo, oregano, splash of water (to make it more legit)
    Pretty solid if you want the garlic dip effect.

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