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IKEA Cutlery swap

  • 04-12-2020 3:45pm
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    A few years ago we bought a couple of sets of IKEA's Martorp cutlery. They're great, really simple, solid design. However, since then we've managed to lose half of the dinner forks and teaspoons. (Teaspoons I can understand* but where the heck have the forks gone!). :confused:

    Unfortunately they don't sell forks separately (I see they do sell just teaspoons). So I have to buy the complete set just for the forks.

    On the off chance, is anyone looking for new Martorp cutlery but not forks or teaspoons. :rolleyes: You're welcome to them, they'd just be taking up precious drawer space here.

    *Many moons ago, my sister's former husband used to be the head chef in a busy hotel in Northern Ireland. The hotel was bombed by the IRA one night and when the police were doing their investigations afterwards, they mentioned the dining room was littered in teaspoons - thousands of them!

    Turns out that they used to lose so many teaspoons from customers stealing them, that the waiting staff would hide boxes of teaspoons in the suspended ceiling so that when they were setting the tables and ran out of teaspoons, instead of having to go back into the kitchen to get more, they'd just stand on a chair and put their hand through the ceiling tiles to get more. :D