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Hotel for someone in a difficult domestic situation

  • 02-12-2020 7:21pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,654 ✭✭✭ KiKi III

    I left the place I’m currently living after a member of my family was verbally abusive. I didn’t feel safe staying.

    My brother dropped me to the train and I’m now on my way to Dublin, but I have nowhere to stay.

    I don’t want to ask any of my friends to break public health guidelines but I don’t know if I’m allowed to book a hotel.

    I see hotels are allowed to accommodate a large number of sectors for essential business reasons.

    Will they check if I have a proper business reason if I say I do? I would rather not disclose the reason I need to stay there to a receptionist.


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    I just called the hotel and they are already open to guests again which I didn’t know.

    A mod can lock/ delete the thread please.

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    If asked you are on business, but I doubt you will be asked too much.

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    Sorry for your troubles

    At Level 5 there's this:

    Hotels are only open to support the provision of essential services.

    But we're at Level 3 across the board now aren't we? Or is it Level 3 for hotels on Friday?

    Best bet is to download the app or similar as that'll be upto date

    I just checked my Air Bnb app there for you and Generator hostel in Smithfield has a bed in an 8 bed dorm for 17 euros a night

    Not ideal but it'll do till you've found your feet a bit better tomorrow

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