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Boat yard with scrap / parts

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    Hi all, wondering if anyone knows of a boat yard that might have scrap / parts in Galway / Limerick / Clare?

    I'm looking for an small old outboard, just want the prop, shaft and gearbox - engine doesn't matter.


  • Ask any of the local fishermen or outboard repair shops they are bound to have one sitting in a corner I know I have a good collection of them :) if your ever up my way, might also be worth putting a request in the local free adds for an old engine lots of them about for very little money or free for a non runner if you don't need reverse maybe a seagull engine will do.


  • fergal.b wrote: »
    maybe a seagull engine will do.

    Any Seagull I ever see now, no matter how rickety, corroded and shabby looking it is, I'll alway think that if Fergal had it for a few weeks, it couldwould be brought back to show room pristine condition....

  • Put an add / request, in the boating section, of Done Deal