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Roof hole

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    I know some body who bought a seven meter boat with an outboard engine and a cabin at the front. When it arrived there was an approximately one square hole in the roof of the cabin. He glued a piece of fiberglass sheet to the roof to cover the hole.

    Any similar boats that I've seen since have a similar hole in the cabin roof but with a removable lid. I'm wondering if these roof holes are used as escape routes in the event of the boat sinking.

    Would a roof hole glued shut be a health and safety problem?

    Would a boat with the roof hole glued shut pass the safety inspection required to get insurance?


  • Most cabin boats will have an escape hatch or window Im not sure on the law on them but I believe hire boats have to have them, as fuel and the engine are normally at the back of the boat I would feel safer with one in place. Fitting one of these would probably work out cheeper than repairing the hole.


  • Two issues – the law and common sense.. Boats put into service before June 1998 are exempt from the EU law (Recreational Craft Directive). That directive requires all craft to provide a safe escape in the event of fire. It also requires that hatches conform to EU Law, (manufacturer, markings, etc.) and must be capable of withstanding expected seas and pressure points from people standing on them. Common sense made the same rules before that date.
    If it’s an old boat an insurer will want a survey and any all surveyors would comment (probably negatively) on a bodge job on a forehatch.

    I’d go with Fergal’s suggestion.

  • Is insurance required on a seven meter boat, with an outboard motor and cabin, the same way that it is required in a car?

  • Is insurance required on a seven meter boat, with an outboard motor and cabin, the same way that it is required in a car?

    Sorry for answering your question with a question but on what waters will the boat be used?

    TBH I would be more worried about getting out of a boat in a hurry in an emergency than whether it is insurable or not.

    No disrespect to your friends boat, probably their pride and joy and rightly so they should be proud, but by your brief description (23ft with a dodgy patch on the cabin roof) it sounds "inexpensive". There are cheaper hatches that locking kits can be bought for on ebay from China for less than €50 if budget is an issue. similar to this link but google to your needs

    Better safe than sorry!