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Winter/Dark Morning & Night running gear advice?

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    Hi Folks,

    I've recently talking up running (well, since lockdown happened), and I'm really enjoying it. I have never been able to run far or without being majorly out of breath in my life, and I'm only 24. It was fantastic for me to take up, I managed my longest distance to date at the weekend (9KM in 55 minutes). I'm not sure how good/bad that is, but I'm content with it.

    Anyway, I usually run in the evenings after work, and seeing as it's getting dark at this time, and it will be worse now when the clocks go back, I'm looking for some advice on running gear so I can be seen in the dark.

    Anyone here have any advice? Should I get a jacket that has the hi-vis colours, or should I get one of those arm bands that light up. Any advice here would be great?