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  • I am going to purchase a few items from Amazon Germany and want to sign up to prime for the free month. Can someone clarify the process of when I have to cancel by so as to not get charged etc

    I was going to purchase off amazon uk as normal but the customs talk has really put me off.

    Are people here still using amazon uk as pre brexit?

    I am looking at a waffle maker thing €100 and wireless keyboard and mouse. And two office desk items. All around between €15 & €30 on Amazon Germany.

    Be great to get some clarity

  • Amazon UK sent the info below to customers last thursday. I would not let customs issues prevent me from ordering from Amazon UK

    When shopping on, all prices are shown inclusive of UK VAT before checkout but this is removed and updated with any Irish VAT and / or duties that are due when you proceed to checkout and select an Irish delivery address. Here are some common examples:

    On orders less than €150 dispatched from Amazon UK (Irish VAT due):

    - The price you see before checkout is inclusive of UK VAT, at the appropriate rate (e.g. 20%).

    - UK VAT is removed at checkout and you will instead see Irish VAT applied (e.g. 23%) once an Irish delivery address is selected.

    - E.g. a cable with a price of €15.18 (including UK VAT), changes to €15.55 at checkout (€12.65 with UK VAT removed + €2.90 Irish VAT added).

    On orders more than €150 dispatched from Amazon UK (custom duties and taxes where applicable):

    - The price you see before checkout is inclusive of UK VAT (e.g. 20%).

    - UK VAT is removed at checkout and once an Irish delivery address is selected

    you will instead see 1) an item price which excludes VAT, and 2) an Import Fee Deposit which includes Irish VAT (23%), and any applicable duties (for some products no duties are applied).

    - E.g. a ladies coat with a price of €200.92 (including UK VAT) changes to €230.65 at checkout (UK VAT is removed and replaced with Irish VAT and duties, which in this example would be €167.43 ex-VAT price + €63.22 Import Fee Deposit and Irish VAT).


    On orders dispatched from Marketplace Sellers:

    - The price of items which are dispatched from our Marketplace Sellers are inclusive of any applicable VAT and duties, and no further payment will be due. If for any reason you are charged additional costs (e.g., by customs authorities), in addition to the purchase price and delivery, you can contact the Seller to request a refund of these costs.

    - Should the Seller not reply or resolve the issue for you, you are eligible to file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim with us to request a refund.

  • Right, but if I order through Amazon Germany I dont have to consider any of that?

    Id much prefer continue as before but it seems to makes more sense to either shop locally or online from an EU country.

    I may be missing something here of course.

  • I don't think you get free shipping to Ireland with - not 100% on that, so open to correction.

  • Can you sign up for Prime on the German site? Are there any benefits? I've read before that you will still have to pay for delivery from Germany but as I have never ordered there myself I cant say for sure.

    I have ordered a few times from Amazon UK since the beginning of the year. No issues and just the same as pre-Brexit.

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  • I wouldn’t bother signing up to Prime on Amazon Germany as they don’t offer free shipping to Ireland. Only the UK site does.

    Once your order is below €150 (split your order to keep it under this if needs be) there should only be the VAT difference of 3% on your order and you’ll see this before you pay on the last screen of the order process. There won’t be anything extra to pay.

    Another thing to consider ordering from any of the Amazon EU sites is anything electrical with a plug will come with a EU plug and need an adopter.

  • Ordered the Galaxy Watch 4 Silver & Galaxy buds for for £240 yesterday.

    When I had a UK address selected as address, it was showing as a couple of days deliver, but I opted to have it shipped to my home address in Ireland. Now there is no delivery date scheduled, just showing as "Not Yet dispatched"

    Should I get these items before Xmas? Can't see any indication as to when delivery is available

  • Anyone know roughly how long refunds take to process these days?

    Bought a new laptop last week from Amazon, the battery wouldn't charge up so it went back and was delivered to Portlaoise on the 26th, 5 days ago. Not the best time for all this with Black Friday and all that but still, I need to order another laptop pretty soon and could do with the refund being sorted.

  • Amazon can be strange with these. Sometimes as soon as you put it onto the post office they refund, and sometimes they want to get it back into the warehouse which can take a couple of weeks.

  • OK so - what's the story with Amazon Gift Cards - they don't deliver them to Ireland it seems??? I tried a couple and they all say "This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location." (Of course you can get the email version but the ones in presentation boxes are much nicer to give)

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  • ordered a mini PC 6 weeks ago. Just received a refund on all of the VAT I paid. happy days.

  • Can someone with Prime let me know if they see anything else than "FREE Standard Delivery" with a forecast of 31 December as delivery?

    I mean I am fine with that (did not even expect it this year) but for some reason all Prime items for me are showing as "FREE Standard Delivery" with no option for priority delivery on anything.

    Never mind, just noticed that in England Monday and Tuesday are also bank holidays so the first working day is Wednesday, so Friday makes sense.

  • Most items are showing as delivery on Tuesday 28th for me. For example:

  • Thanks.

    Well than it's back to treating Cork differently, because for the same item you showed, I'm getting "FREE Standard Delivery: get it by Friday, Dec. 31".

    And when for a test I swapped my address to Dublin, I'm also getting 28 December!

    No priority shipping for Cork!

  • Thank you very much, never occurred to me to check if AnPost actually works next week or not.

    Hopefully Amazon soon starts delivery down here themselves.

  • Changed to the 29th as they're delivering antigen tests from HSE to close contacts so post is back a day earlier.

  • I made a purchase on last week. It had the delivery date due as 30th December so I put the delivery address down as my workplace (Dublin) as I'll be at work that day.

    Now they've sent me an update saying they will deliver on the 28th. My workplace will be closed (until the 30th), there won't even be a security guy onsite to collect the item.

    On the tracking page, there is an update delivery instructions box, but the only option is 'If I'm not in, leave my package at a safe place'. There is no safe place there.

    Will the courier call me to arrange a new date, or will it just be sent back to the UK? Presumably if they attempted one re-delivery, it would be the next day 29th. I'm not too familiar with Amazon, do they use An Post or do they have their own couriers?

  • Id suggest calling Amazon or using their live chat

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  • Thanks, didn't know they had a chat facility. I'll try that.

  • Yeah, you can get them on live chat here. Im not sure how they operate today but in the link I posted you can also choose for them to call you.

  • It's unlikely even Amazon do. Take it as a win.

  • This has happened on multiple orders for me. Full import fee refunded, infact got 2 x 50£+ refunds just today. I am not sure why this happens as I get vat refund on most orders but its just a few £ but on some orders I have gotten the full fee back.

  • So, in Cork today, white van pulls up with loads of amazon parcels on the front seat and a driver in a blue Amazon polo delivering the parcels.

    I thought I was in the US because so far I only did notice Parcel King in Dublin area doing the delivery but seemingly Cork now gets Amazon Delivery too.

  • Got that for the first time today too, new D reg Master. You could track the van location live. Driver was enthusiastic, almost excited, looked about 12 though!

  • Amazon have Prime branded delivery vans in Dublin now, like the ones they have in the US.

  • Spotted one of those at the weekend in Cork too come to think of it

  • Unfortunately, my prime order from Tuesday was sent today via AnPost (forecast to be here next Tuesday).

    And right now, everything I look at is at least delivery in 6 days, as soon as I swap to Dublin, everything is 2 days.

    So, what ever logic they are using to determine AnPost over Amazon Prime Delivery does seem to exclude what I want.

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  • Its your location. Amazon Prime are only going to places they can find,large towns,etc.An Post go to all areas of the country big or small all year round in all weathers.