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Dishwasher powder

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    I am old fashioned and have an old fashioned dishwasher. I use dishwasher powdwr, but is now very difficult to find. Anybody know where I can get it. I have tried the usual suspects; dunnes, tesco, aldi and lidl. They all used to do powder but it is all tablets now.


  • SuperValu have Finish powder listed on their website, however, of course that does not necessarily mean it'll be available to buy over the counter at all stores.

  • Treat yourself to a holiday in France and stock up in one of the supermarkets here! Or send me the money and I'll buy it for you. :D

  • Are tablets not just compressed powder?

  • Try mister price

  • Hoboo wrote: »
    Are tablets not just compressed powder?
    Yes, but for the most part they contain other fancy stuff like salt and rinse-aid which claim to be as good as the old fashioned separate products but really aren't, especially if you're in a really hard water area.

    OP, you can get plain old, snazzy-extra-free dishwasher tablets in Lidl, W5 Classic 50x tablets. Much cheaper than the fancy ones.

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  • We have a Fisher & Paykel dishwasher and powder is more suitable that tablets.

    Tesco stopped selling the Finish powder a few years ago, so we get some up in Sainsbury’s in Newry, as we’d go up every few months, so always pick up about 5-6 of them (cheaper as well).

    I think Dunnes also sold it, but for us, going to a Dunnes can be a bit of a hassle.

    OP there is also gel you can get if you’re absolutely against using tablets...

  • SuperValu definitely have it.
    You can also get Sun or Finish gel, which can be reduced in dose.

    I assume you have Fisher & Paykel dish drawers?

    We've a full size Miele dishwasher and it really does not like Fairy tablets. It seems to be extremely efficient, so it uses less water and probably has higher pressure jets than some machines, so the Fairy tablets are just far too high-foaming. You can hear it choking in foam and if you open the door mid cycle it will be way over foamed. Whereas if I use solid tablets e.g. Sun or Finish it's fine.

    You can also get gels from Sun and Finish that you can control the dose of yourself. I found them a bit messy though, compared to powder and they're also really over scented and high foaming.

  • My local Tesco started selling the Finish powder again, after about a 3-4 year break!!!