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Three Ireland 5G



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    They don't list it on their site as a supported device. I've a pixel 5 which also supports it but the carrier settings have it disabled. Could be a long time before they get them updated to allow it given how long it took for them to enable 5g on the pixel devices

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    Ah, that's a pain in the ass. I don't understand why they don't enable it for all devices.

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    I've just read that Vodafone and Hutchinson are to merge their operations in the UK. A deal is supposed to be formally announced between the companies by this Friday.

    I know that 3 is owned by Hutchinson here in Ireland. Would it make any financial sense to allow Vodafone and Hutchinson to merge their Irish operations at any time in the near future? Or is it legally not a runner?

    I don't know if our own competition laws here would prevent it to even take place?

    Any thoughts here would be very helpful.

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    Would be sad to see 3 leave the UK market if that does ahead.

    Am I right in saying if three left here there would only 2 outright networks? Eir and Vodafone.

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    I don't see Three and Vodafone merging here to be honest on regulatory grounds (and the Vodafone/Three UK deal is still subject to regulatory approval which is by no means certain).

    Here, Vodafone are still the dominant player and Three are comfortably in second place. Both are profitable. A merger would see us left with only two major operators, a combined Vodafone/Three with a significant market share, and Eir, so chances are a merger would instantly fail on the basis of competition.

    Whereas in the UK, Vodafone are lagging behind behind EE and VMO2 and Three are still struggling to make any sort of inroads into the market. Both are heavily indebted and that's a situation that is getting worse, not better. There would still be three main operators (BT/EE, VirginMedia/O2, and a combined Vodafone/Three) if the merger is cleared.

    If I were to hazard a guess, I would say we could instead see a joint-venture here between Vodafone and Virgin Media on the mobile end, similar to Virgin Media and O2 in the UK.

    We are already seeing inroads in the form of Virgin Media and SIRO (Vodafone/ESB joint-venture) agreeing to allow wholesale access to each other's networks. Virgin Media are mostly urban whereas SIRO are mostly suburban and semi-rural. They don't directly compete as things stand.

    Vodafone own their own mobile network whereas Virgin Media are a virtual operator on the Three network. Both operate TV platforms which again tie to the mostly non-competing network footprints, although Vodafone do sell via the OpenEir wholesale network which for the most part competes directly with Virgin Media.

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    Did anyone hear or read about the 3 Ireland store robbery which occurred in Dublin today?

    A silver coloured mercedes benz saloon car, which was owned by a criminal gang, was rammed into the store in Dublin's Henry St earlier this morning. The aftermath of the whole affair is been pretty horrific for the store staff. It appears the whole store got completely destroyed by the gang in the process. I guess the staff store who work there will now have a few days off work as the clean-up operation is now underway.

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    Why does Three not allow you to manually access its 3G network on 4G/5G iPhones? Popped in an O2 UK simcard to see if it was a carrier specific issue and it seems it is. With O2 you can see the 2G and 3G options in the voice & data menu in addition to 5G Auto, 5G On as well as 4G.

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    That's ios that doesn't allow it. Nothing to do with the network.

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    Iphone SE 3rd Gen with an O2 UK simcard (roaming on Three). Voice & Data menu:

    With a Three simcard the 2G & 3G options aren't there:

    Surely depends on the carrier and not the phone?