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The Great Reset



  • I can't give a summary of a whole book on a Sunday night at 22.45.

    I haven't been reading this thread from start to finish, not totally sure of what Gortanna is saying but can come back again and make some points.

    Obviously Scwhab does not characterise his vision as evil or call it a plot.

    On the WEF web site they have ads like 'Hey look in the future we can use surveillance to track people by their individual heartbeat' but don't say this will be forced on people or used to restrict their privacy.

    Meanwhile in New South Wales people are forced into downloading a face recognition app as a condition of escaping unbearable quarantine conditions. For 'public safety'.

    Basically it appears that any kind of declared crisis can serve as a justification for introducing surveillance tech which kills stone dead freedom and privacy.

  • I understand the logic but there is social harm from dividing people by their medical status. This can lead to bitterness, as happened in Israel and Hungary.

    As far as I can see the opposition to them exceeds a subset of conspiracy theorists and I gave examples from several countries.

    On the covid forum there are posters who are broadly in favour of restrictions but who disfavour the passports or have strong reservations about them.

  • Kinda sounds like you haven't actually read his book then. It's a bit weird that you start talking about what's on the WEF website rather than his book.

    I think the reason is that his book explains his views pretty concisely and don't leave much room for conspiracy theorists to stretch them to fit their narrative of an evil global plot.

    Does his book explain his ploy to remove the concept of ownership from the globe by 2030? How does he plan to achieve this?

    How does he plan to achieve his ploy to kill freedom and privacy as outlined in his book?

  • I have read the book. Happy to discuss it with you but not writing essays off the cuff summarising it because you ask me to.

    Everything that appears on the WEF website is also relevant and where some of the most sinister commentary appears.

    By the way I don't know how you define 'bad' but imo this 'reset' is very bad no matter how you slice it.

    If some one comes up with a horrible, ugly vision of the future and they are sincerely motivated to improve things what does that say about them? It means in the most charitable interpretation they are not deliberately acting badly but are in a sense corrupted, trampling over good things without realising it.

  • He is making personal predictions and observations, like anyone else. You need to stop believing these people are all-powerful cartoon villains.

    You keep reading "things" like the above because you seek out that nonsense. There's a market for it, you. People have been clicking on that crap for 20-odd years. The Central banks this, the governments that, always the same con-men and cranks twisting and distorting the normal to make it sound like something nefarious and dystopian, and it's always "just around the corner". Posters have explained this stuff to you before, but you just ignore it and latch onto the next piece of exciting 1984 sounding nonsense.

    Ernst Wolff the economist? He's a crank. He sells books to people like you. The dollar is in it's death throes, we are in an unrecoverable economic spin, the pandemic has accelerated the inevitable, national debt for most countries is out of control, the warning signs are everything, blah, blah.. it's easy to write all that brain-dead crap. Since I work in the field I could dress anything up with fancy financial jargon, insert hyperbole and make it sound like doomsday is coming. You'd lap it up.

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  • Again this sounds like you haven't read the book then.

    I asked you about specific points that have been brought up in the thread.

    You aren't answering either because you haven't actually read the book or the book does not contain these things.

    If this isn't the case, stop dodging and address my questions thanks.

  • You're not being honest here. You've asked a question so broad it is essentially a large assignment.

    I already said I haven't read the whole thread either.

    Either narrow down your questions or make a point yourself to spark discussion.

    As I've said before the Q&A mentality of posters on this forum should be met with refusal.

    I can't go into the Mayo GAA discussion thread and ask someone defending Aidan O'Shea's selection to give me an explanation of how Aidan O'Shea has contributed to each of the seven All-Ireland campaigns he has played in for Mayo then sit back and wait for an answer.

    Discuss like a reasonable or person or don't.

  • More whinging about questions rather than answering them.

    OK then I will keep it exceedingly simple.

    Does the book say he plans/or is working towards removing the idea of private ownership by the year 2030. Yes or no?

    My point is that conspiracy theorists like yourself are making false and exaggerated claims like this based off misinterpretation (often deliberate) of small soundbites and such from random sources. His book however would make these claims clear if true.

    I don't think his book supports any of the conspiracy claims hence why you guys don't want to read it or discuss it.

    And yea man if you went onto the Mayo forum and declared that that guy was obvious carrying the team, people might ask you to explain why you think this.

  • Imagine you go to the GAA forum, claim that the latest match score is wrong, accuse anyone who disagrees with you of being a "sheep" or a "shill", evade questions and act obtuse about your claim, lecture people about the "truth" and then throw a tantrum when challenged.

    You'd be booted off instantly.

    Yet on this forum it's standard behaviour. Day in, day out. If it isn't the conspiracy theorists themselves, then it's the contrarians who come into these threads to validate them. All I know is we're 93 pages in and still not a coherent theory about the "Great Reset" (which is par for the course for pretty much all threads here)

  • Now you're being patronising and insulting. Read the book if you want to know what it says.

    If you want a Socratic dialogue where you ask questions and a conspiracy theorist answers them one by one maybe write up yourself with a fictional foil?

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  • Questions about the book

    1. What is "sinister" from the book?
    2. Does it state private ownership will be abolished or not?
    3. What is the "ugly, horrible" vision of the future?

  • It isn't standard behaviour from me.

    I get it that both points of view are combative on this forum. I'm not evading questions but point blank refusing to answer and objecting to an interview in lieu of a back and forth discussion.

  • And question dodged again.

    I think its clear why you are dodging.

    Either the book does not support this conspiracy claim or you have not actually read it.

    If these things were true you'd be rubbing our faces in it.

  • There is a conspiracy I believe in, anyone can ask me questions about it, if I can answer I will, if I don't know the answer then I'll admit as such.

    People who are bullshitting or otherwise immediately start dodging, evading, smoke and mirrors, making excuses, using all the usual deceptive tricks and techniques, etc, etc the moment they are asked anything about or challenged on their claims or stance.

  • 1. Have you read the book?

    2. Do you intend to read it?

    3. If not, why are you asking about it?

    I may write a long-form book review perhaps.

  • Lol that's dodging questions man.

    You're refusing to answer because you understand that the honest responses highlight why the conspiracy theories aren't actually true or rational.

    You're welcome to ask questions of your own. Might be more productive than just declaring things and refusing to discuss them because you're easily upset.

    1. No
    2. Possibly, from the excerpts I've read it seems quite generic
    3. Because I want to know what conspiracy theorists are going so batshiat about

    And your responses?

  • 1. No.

    2. No. Because from all reports it's pretty dull. Also conspiracy theorists have failed to show that the book contains any information that is interesting or points to the conspiracy they claim.

    3. I'm asking because a. I'm interested in why conspiracy theorists are claiming a conspiracy when the book doesn't seem to support that and

    b. The fact that the main proponents of the conspiracy theory haven't actually read the book kinda shows the flaws in conspiracy theory thinking. Asking people if they've read the book highlights this when they say no or otherwise refuse to actually discuss the book.

    See how easy it is to answer questions directly and clearly.

  • It is starting. I got the below about an “event” an email from DocuSign:

    Moving to a hybrid workforce brings a lot of advantages for businesses, but we cannot ignore the real-world security challenges it poses. It has never been more important to protect your sensitive data.

    In this exclusive virtual event, we'll be joined by former MI6chief and security experts from leading organisations and the World Economic Forum, to hear how they protect themselves and their business from today's cyber threats

    Are they forcing us to book accommodation because we won’t be allowed own our own houses? First come first serve

    Since I got an official heads up via the invite, am I part of it? If so, I order everyone to bow to my eliteness!!

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