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The Great Reset



  • robinph,

    I suspect it might be part of a conspiracy but I can't prove that obviously.

    This is the forum to discuss conspiracy theories not either present cast-iron proof (in which case they wouldn't be theories) or agree it couldn't happen.

    These vaccine passports are wrong, disproportionate and seem to be being 'rolled out' all over the world simultaneously.

    The technology was suddenly being prepared back in early 2020. Then it was denied by many governments that they would be used. Then it was announced by the same governments that they would be used.

    Now the word 'lockout' has come into use by a powerful Australian politician and barring people from employment on a wide scale is a possibility.

    There's a lack of transparency, honesty and consistency. There is a snowballing of very extreme measures and they could not have been brought in so quickly without any planning.

  • Not one person here has asked any conspiracy theorists for proof, cast-iron or otherwise.

    We're asking people to just explain directly, clearly and concisely what they believe the conspiracy is.

    But it's very very apparent that you guys aren't able to do that because your conspiracy theories don't actually make all that much sense.

    You are suggesting that there's a plan to use vaccination to remove people from jobs.


    Who exactly is behind this plan?

  • Why couldn't they have been brought in quickly without planning? There isn't some overarching mastermind at the controls of all this.

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  • So you are not following any particular existing conspiracy theory, don't have any theory of your own, have no specific belief about who is doing something bad or what the bad things are that they are doing.

    But you are worried about something. Just you don't know what, why or who?

    Best course of action would be to delete your social media accounts and stop frequenting Facebook or wherever you are getting bombarded with these scare stories from. It's not healthy for you.

  • Okay chief I've just deleted my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

    Thanks for the discussion.

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  • Conspiracy theorists here have thrown tantrums because they don't like that other posters can question/challenge them. More than a few have asked for a safe space where they can "discuss" (validate) conspiracies with like-minded people who don't ask them questions or you know, for evidence, of their theories and views

    The risk from Covid is not hypothetical. The vaccine significantly reduces the severity of Covid and transmission. If you have a specific medical reason not to have a vaccine that's fine, but it's a no-brainer otherwise.

    People's right to earn a living? What about their right not to have higher risk of contracting Covid from some anti-vax coworker? A hospital making sure it's employees are vaccinated has been normal for years, but certain companies requiring workers to get a no-brainer jab during a pandemic is "tyrannical"? No it isn't. What absurd hyperbole.

    Not interested in what you don't "agree on", there are flat-earthers I don't "agree" with, it doesn't mean a jot. You are using words like "tyranny" but have failed to provide a single example of anything close to what that word really means

  • Dohnjoe,

    I'm not crying about having people disagree with me.

    Where they take a condescending tone or engage in a cod-Socratic method of firing dozens of questions at me simultaneously I will sidestep it. I'm not here to be grilled.

    This whole world is not a hospital ward.

    Safetyist control of every public and private building to try hopelessly to escape an airborne respiratory virus, even after vaccination, is disproportionate and wrong if it bounces people out of work.

    There is a right to work, there's no right to be guaranteed healthy and if there were we wouldn't see indifference to obesity.

    Governments have overstepped the mark big time.

  • We aren't "trying to escape" the virus, we are trying to reduce it.

    You don't have a right to work under your own subjective conditions. You can't work in an operating theatre without a mask. You can't work in certain jobs without a hard-hat. You can't work other jobs without a uniform. You can't work other jobs without a medical. If it's your personal opinion you don't like the idea of a company requiring workers to be vaccinated against Covid, cool, that's your own view. Most of my colleagues have the opposite opinion, they have zero time for anti-vaxxers, and want their coworkers vaccinated.

    There is nothing "tyrannical" about it.

    Governments have "overstepped their mark" in your personal opinion. You haven't demonstrated this and I am still waiting for you to give one solid example of this. All you've done so far is apply hysteria to basic common sense precautions.

  • I asked you a grand total of 3 questions.

    One of which was for you to just explain why you were not answering those questions.

    Three questions are apparently too many for conspiracy theorists to answer all at once.

    Is one question ok?

    You are suggesting that there's a plan to use vaccination to remove people from jobs.


    Who exactly is behind this plan?

    Again, it's really really funny to have conspiracy theorists whine about people asking too many questions.

  • > I'm not here to be grilled.

    Well, you kind of are. You are on a conspiracy theory forum, trying to present arguments in support of that theory* and to do that you really need to be able to back up your case in some form or other.

    * We'll ignore the lack of a theory having been put forward for the sake of this particular point and pretend that you have made a claim.

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  • And it bares making clear: backing up your arguments does not equate to "demanding solid proof." Just in case we hear that particular excuse again.

    We understand that there's no proof of conspiracy theories. We're not asking for that. We're asking you to outline why you believe in your conspiracy theories.

    What convinced you? What facts or information makes you conclude or suspect that there's a conspiracy? What exactly is the form of the conspiracy you believe.

    But as has been demonstrated in this thread, no conspiracy theorist seems at all able to do this for the Great Reset.

    I suspect it's because conspiracy theorists don't want to admit the truth.

    They believe the conspiracy theories because they saw them on youtube/twitter/bitchute/whatever, they liked them, and they didn't bother to do any verification or critical thinking about them.

  • Teleworking isn't a radical change. People have been working from home for years. The only change is that more people are now working from home. But increasingly that won't be the case as more and more people go back to the office.

    Radical changes would be acting "jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies" and building "entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems". What do you think Schwab means by revamping all aspects of our societies and economies? And by building entirely new foundations for our economies and social systems?

    Vaccine passports are also a radical change. Never before in the West have people being denied services based on their health status.

  • You tell us what he means.

    You claim to have read his book.

    What does he say in the book?

    Or are you going to admit to lying about that?

  • Really??? People have been unable to take part in sports due to their health status, people have been unable to give blood due to their health status, people have been unable to work in certain careers because of their health status.

    Not being allowed into a pub or a restaurant is on the small end of things denied to people because of their health status.

  • ?? Transplant patients are denied services based on their health status all the time.

    If your on the list for a liver in America and an alcoholic, you must show at least 6 months sobriety before being considered.

    There have been prospective lung transplant recipients denied for showing evidence of smoking marijuana.

    Of course, having a one in one hundred year pandemic is reason enough to have changes to the norms that we enjoy for her other 99 years

  • People have been “unable to give blood due to their health status” since the beginning of blood donation.

  • Radical changes: he means what everyone else means, that society will go through changes (as it always does). You do realise this guy is just the head of an economic forum, he's just making personal predictions and speculation. He's been around for decades making these kind of predictions and conspiracy theorists have paid no attention to him. One of the last forums was called the "Great transformation", but conspiracy theorists didn't notice it, so they couldn't scare-monger and fantasize about it.

    Vaccine passports: Yes people have been denied services based on health status. You couldn't (and still can't) get or hold certain jobs based on your health status. There's a pandemic, you can't get on a plane with a fever because you could have Covid, do you understand this concept at all? it's common sense precautions. You keep obsessively trying to pretend it's something "scary" and "nefarious".

  • I'm not an expert on Schwab but I did look at him on youtube to see what all the fuss was about, and read the WEF web site, and I've not heard or seen anything I would be concerned about. In fact a lot of the stuff he says I'd agree with, as it's just sensible responses to the changing world we live in, whether it's rapidly advancing technology, or climate change, etc., etc. However at the end of the day he's just a commentator, with no power to do anything but talk. Which makes it all the more amazing how he has been put on a platform by conspiracy believers, who seem to think he controls world governments!!!

    Vaccine passports are also a radical change. Never before in the West have people being denied services based on their health status.

    What's the obsession with vaccine passports? Can you not see the logic of trying to prevent super spreader events by limiting the participants to the vaccinated? Do you not yet see that the virus is real? Why are the unvaccinated between 10 and 50 times more likely to be covid positive, be hospitalised, or die from Covid? In that context how can you not see that the unvaccinated are a lot more likely to have Covid, and to transmit it to others? If you think about it, vaccine passports are likely saving the unvaccinated from themselves, and preventing groups gathering with maybe 10 or 20% unvaccinated and transmitting the virus onwards, and damaging mostly other unvaccinated!

    As regards "Never before in the West have people being denied services based on their health status" one thing you are ignoring is the epidemic of TB in Ireland in the 1940's. TB killed many, and people didn't want to catch it so suffers had to live apart so not to transmit it to the healthy. See this article from 2010 where it says

    "Its effect was all-embracing, even among those who were healthy. A coveted job in the civil service or a bank was not yours until a chest X-ray film was reported as normal."

    So instead of a vaccine passport you needed to produce a clear chest x-ray!!!

    Here is another excerpt from an Irish Times article

    In the 1930s and 1940s, TB was the AIDS of its time. "Delicacy" was a euphemism for having TB. People would cross the street to avoid contact with a "delicate" person. Readers of Angela's Ashes may remember how Frank McCourt, as a delivery boy, had to deliver telegrams, because nobody else would, to a certain house where there was a "delicate" girl.

    You seem to be intent on ignoring part of the context of the world we live in so as to keep alive your conspiracy theory!!

  • another recent enough example of

    "Never before in the West have people being denied services based on their health status

    is this:

    and that wasnt even human disease, it was animal health......

  • Lads, theres not much point putting this much effort into your points.

    Gortanna has already made his flyby. He's not going to respond to anything in any kind of meaningful way.

    He's going to run off and hide against until his masters give him a new link to spam.

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  • Has what's going on in Italy, France, Israel, and soon states in Australia (Andrews' said there would be a vaccinated economy), i.e. if a person can't prove they're covid free then they're banned from almost every place, ever before happened in the West?

  • What relevance has that with the Great Reset? Did Schwab mention that in his book?

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  • He's not just making personal predictions. He said a couple of months after the pandemic was declared that the world would never go back to normal. He has said that all the countries of the world have to work together to revamp all aspects of their societies. He says new foundations for our economic and social systems are required. It's change on a monumental scale. Just look at the list of organisations WEF has partnerships with. We're talking the major organisations of the world. It's what the world looks like post-revamping of all aspects of our societies and the laying of entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems that I wonder about.

    I keep reading things like the above. It would be interesting to discuss what is being claimed. Is there any basis to it? Does it make sense? Ernst Wolff gave a talk recently in which he discussed in detail how the global economy has been banjaxed for some time. Is he right? That's what I think the discussion should focus on.

  • Vaccine passports face a LOT of political opposition outside Ireland. For instance the Greek Orthodox Church have strongly criticised the Greek government over this issue. Then there are large ongoing protests in France, Italy etc.

    I'm pointing this out because it isn't as if the passports are only controversial among conspiracy theorists. They will never be free from strong controversy. Even if individual Irish people think they are nothing unusual, many people around the world disagree.

  • Moscow got rid of their vaccine passport after three weeks as people weren't going into places and businesses were suffering.

    The passports prefigure a narrowly-controlled society based on surveillance, central planning and virtuality that is the Great Reset.

    Even without the 'conspiracy' angle it is a totally sterile, ugly and dissatisfying vision of life with less choice than in the past or present.

    With reading between the lines of what the WEF put out it could be much, much worse than that.

    I don't trust Schwab and the double-negative logic of 'what reason do we have to not trust Scwab?' is not compelling or convincing to me.

  • Yes though not in its entirety. I can discuss individual chapters or go back and finish it if needs be. It is an ugly book both in terms of prose style and, even taken at face value as an innocent attempt to 'do good', the anti-human vision it conveys.

  • Cool. What does he say is his evil plot?

    Where does he mention how he's planning to implement any of his evil plot?

    What do you believe is it's true "non face value"?

    Do you believe that it matches up with the bizarre things that gortanna has been claiming?

  • That's not what you said, people disproved your lies so now you've moved the goalposts again.

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  • You're talking like there is not practical reason to have vaccine passports! Do you not see the logic of them, and the benefit of them.

    And as regards opposition, a lot of it must be from people who believe that they are part of a communist plot, or some other equally outlandish idea. There will be a subset of people who will be against everything, a lot of the time for invalid reasons, and vaccine passports are no exception.