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historic & foreign NCB

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    Hi, I have a colleague who has 5 years NCB from Liberty up to 2013, but then went abroad to take up a teaching post. She has 2 years NCB from there (Asia) and returned here last year and has 1 years named driving experience.

    Does she revert back to 0 years NCB or does Liberty look at an overall picture and offer something based on previous out of date 5 years NCB?



  • Hi there,

    We would accept a No Claims Discount has been earned outside the Republic of Ireland that it must have been earned in the past 24 months, within UK, all EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Unfortunately, anything outside of this acceptence criteria would not be applicable to an insurance policy with Liberty Insurane.

    Currently your friend would not be entitled to a no claims discount with us from the details provided above.