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The pandemic's effect on cancer patients.

  • 27-08-2020 2:00pm
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    Adrian Rogers is one of the first of the many patients for whom, terribly sadly, that is now coming true.
    Mr Rogers has liver cancer and should have had an operation in early April.

    Doctors cancelled it because of the risks of catching coronavirus in hospital.

    Now he's been told his cancer is terminal.

    Cancellation of surgery is much more likely to take the life of a cancer patient than the virus ever could.

    So why have authorities on both sides of the Irish Sea not thought about cancer patients who urgently needed surgery to save their lives?

    Which is more likely to kill - cancer or coronavirus?


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    I suppose there's not enough medical evidence yet re: cancer vs. coronavirus, and I'm not an expert so won't be attempting to tackle the question in your last line of the OP.

    But since you brought up the topic, I spoke to a friend yesterday who survived cancer a couple of years ago. He has to go for scans every 6 months now to ensure it's staying gone. He's had two appointments for scans cancelled (march and sept) and not rescheduled due to covid. They told him they'll just skip them and scan him in 2021. Not great.

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    The other side of it is my father has had his treatment continue and even start on chemo through all of this.

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    This topic should be getting way more more attention, which it isn't unfortunately. It seems all that matters now a days is Covid etc. Cancer is a far bigger cause for concern. Disgraceful from our government and media!!