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First boat purchase - advice

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    Dear all,

    I found this forum when looking around the internet for information on inflatable boats.

    I have not owned a boat before and want something to do some fishing off on calm days. I understand the importance of safety and so plan to go out a bit with my father in law who has boated for thirty years. I will also invest in the necessary equipment (radio, flares, life jackets etc....).

    My main question relates to the boat plus engine. I'm thinking of going for the FRIB 330, which looks like a good compromise between something sturdy yet also being fairly lightweight. After the first few trips, I'll often be going by myself and so want something that I can lift in and out of the car without doing my back in.

    The thing I find most confusing is the engine aspect. It seems that people use anything between 6HP and 15HP for this sort of boat and I had thought that 10 HP would cover my needs as I'll mostly be solo and would like the assurance of a bit more power if it is ever needed. I had not realised though just how heavy an outboard is with 40kg seeming the average. I also noted that 2-stroke engines are much lighter but seem unavailable new to the leisure market (is this right?). So I wondered whether a second hand two stroke would be my best bet as these are more like 25-30kg.

    What would people advise here? I think my budget for all in (second hand) is £3k ish. Does this seem reasonable?

    Thanks for any help.


  • FRIB 330 is 43kg.

    Unsure how you'll fit that in a car either and it's quite heavy for a roof as in lifting that height solo

    Tbh I'd be looking at a trailer because ease of use and transport seems to be your issue especially solo.

  • I wouldn't fancy going to sea in something that small with another fully grown man and fishing gear "hooks and tubes just don't belong together" :eek: