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Meals for 9 month old

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    My little guy is 9 months old. He's exclusively breastfed and eating his meals really well. He has 3 meals a day. I was wondering, at this age do I breastfeed 30 or 60 mins now before each meal? I was doing 30 mins and increased it to about 45 mins lately. But after his first nap, ill breastfeed him and then he could go 2 hours before I give him his lunch. Usually we go out around this time and it could be 2 hours before we're home again for lunch. At 9 months, what kind of timeframe do breastfeeding mothers have before meals? Hope this makes sense, thanks!


  • I’d just feed on demand and give him his meals at same time as yours. No need to complicate things!

  • At 9 months you could also start introducing snacks if you feel he needs them to bridge the gap between meals. My little one is nearly 10 months and most days I’d give her 1-2 snacks depending on how long between meals. I aim to offer her food every 2-3 hours.

  • I exclusively breastfed with my little one and my routine was before meals and before sleeps (and any that she would want in between). I felt that as long as the milk feeds were going into her, that any food on top was a bonus :)