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Advice on solar installation for first time buyer

  • 07-08-2020 1:41pm
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    Hi all

    We are looking to purchase a house in the next year, it will be most likely in an estate

    Are there any good resources on solar installation? It's something I'd be very interested in but know next to nothing about, thank you!


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    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Your as well off holding out until you have a house. The house of your dreams may not even have a roof suitable for PV panels due to slope, orientation, over shadow, etc. and nobody would suggest buying a house because it's ideal for PV.

    By the time the house is purchased different grants and technology might be available. The Greens are in power so we'll see what they bring to the budget. Batteries are also getting better and a feed in tariff might be available. Depending on how far away and long the house purchase is of course

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    Plenty of videos on Youtube also to start looking at. 'EV Puzzle' is a guy in Norfolk which might be worth a look as he does Monthly updates.

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    Many years ago got twin solar panels for heating up the water as better in the summer and strong sunlight.Years later i might have gone for those fridge type panels that work 24/7 and keeping water at a set temp.